Chapter 31

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Tessa was lying on the floor in her bedroom, tears streaming down her face. She had buried her face and was curled up in a ball. 

"Tes?" She heard a voice. She lifted her head slowly to see Caroline and David at the door. "Oh my god, Tes," they ran to her, crouching next to her. 

"What's wrong?" Caroline whispered. 

"I broke up with them." Her voice was so quiet. So weak.

"Oh, honey," she wrapped her arms around her brining her close to her. "Why? What happened?"

"Did they hurt you? I sweat to go-." David narrrowed his eyes. 

"No-. No, they didn't hurt me. I just-."

"What? You can talk to us, Tes," Caroline whispered.

"I hurt them Care. I didn't want to but I had to. I-I told them that I didn't love them." She sobbed, "But I do. I love them so much, it hurts."

"Then tell them that," she demanded. 

"I can't. I can't."


"Because they won't care," she whispered, getting closer to her best friend. 

"Of course they care, Tes. They literally follow you around like lost puppies," David argued.

She shook her head. "No. No they don't. Elena said tha-."

"Elena said?" Caroline scoffed. "Why would you take relationship advice - or any advice for that matter - from Elena?"

"I-. Look, she still loves Stefan and Aaron kissed her and it's too complicated."

"Aaron didn't kiss her," David frowned. "Trust me. He would never kiss her."

"I-. I just-, I don't know. Elena doesn't want me to date them, so shouldn't. Right?"

"No," Caroline exclaimed. "Not right. Definitely not right."

"If you want to date them, it's your choice, Tessie," David said softly, placing a calming hand on Caroline's knee to stop her from going and murdering the doppelganger. 

"You love them, Tessa," Caroline started. "And they love you, you can see it in their eyes. Who cares what Elena thinks. If she really cares about you, then she'll be happy for you. Go get your men, choose yourself for once."

"B-but they hate me now."

"Please," David scoffed. "They don't hate you. It's humanly impossible to hateyou."

Tessa sniffed, and nodded. And then she slowly got up. "You're right. I-. I'm going to go talk to them. I need to."

Tessa was pacing around the living with a pounding heart for the second time that week. Would they even care? Would they even take her back? What if they hated her now? What if -. She shook her head. 

She was just going to tell then how she felt. And  then whatever happens happens. 

"Risa?" She heard Aaron's raspy voice making her turn around. All five of them were there. They all had bags under their eyes, their hair was a mess. Elijah wasn't even wearing a suit, he was wearing a t-shirt. 

"Hey," she tried to sound confident but all that came out was a small whisper. "Can we please talk?"

They nodded and took their seats on the couch. She sat on a chair in front of their, her hands were clammy. 


She took a deep breath.

"I'm sorry. I got scared and I was confused and I just did what I thought I should. I-I love you. I love you guys so fucking much that it consumes me and I know that you guys probably hate me now and -."

And Aaron's lips crashed on hers. "Shut up. Please just shut up." And then he kissed her again. "We love you, Risa. Trust me, we could never hate you."

She sniffed and then smiled at him through her tears.

"I love you too. I-."

Damon sped to her, grabbing her by her waist and pressing his lips against hers. 

"I love you," he whispered. "I love you, I love you, I love you."

His arms were wrapped tightly around her - like she would slip away if he wasn't careful. 

"Tes-," he mumbled, his eyes were filled with tears.

"Yeah?"  she whispered. 

"I-," he sighed. He wanted to tell her. He needed to tell her. 

"Yes, Damy? What's wrong?"

"I'm sorry," he whispered. 

"About what? Your worrying me Dames."

"Ikissedelenabutireallydidntwanttoimsorrytes," he mumbled. 


"I-I kissed Elena."

She stumbled back. He kissed Elena. He kissed her. He kissed her. He kissed her.

"I-. I didn't mean to. I swear. I-," a sob escaped when he saw her broken expression. The hurt covering her delicate face. "I was just hurt and I didn't know what I was doing and-."

"Do you love her?" She blurted out. She couldn't take him away from Elena if he loved her back.

"What? No-. God no. I love you Tessie."

His eyes held nothing but honesty. Elena was wrong - he didn't love her. 

She nodded. 

"Tes, I am so sorry-."

"It's okay," she whispered, a soft smile on her face. "It's okay. I love you, I love all of you so much."

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