Chapter 8

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(Sort of short sorry)

"Come on,let's not ruin this lunch now."Xiao offered him a hand.

Venti looked up and unwrapped his own arms and held his hand.

"Alright."He said in a cold voice.

'Great,I ruined another lunch time..shit.How embarrassing to get beat up by a girl.'Venti said in his thoughts while walking to the lunch cafeteria with Xiao.

They walked over to the cafeteria and sat at the table with Lumine and Aether (as always)

"Hm? Late again? Something up?"Aether suspect. "Uh-no,just got distracted by something."Venti scratched the back of his head and faked a chuckled. Aether knew he was lying but just shrugged his shoulders "okay! Suit yourself, how bout you Xiao?"Aether turned his head at Him. "I had to help Mr.albedo with something"

"Ohh okay!"

Venti looked down at his feet,he had a cold face and had some dried tears on his eyes. He didn't look happy but looked drained inside. Lumine knew somethings off about him so she started to think what could cheer him up.

Ding ding, light bulb in her head pop up. She turned her head at Xiao and gave him a smile.

Xiao knew what's she thinking from that smile she has. "Oh god."He whispered.

"Hey Xiao. Your 'boyfriend' doesn't look all 'happy' why don't you hug him?"Lumine said staring at his eyes

Venti started to get light reddish blush around his two cheeks when he heard Lumine said 'boyfriend'. He immediately looked up and started to sweat uncontrollably"No! No! I'm alright!! I'm-not sad!"Venti covered his face to hide the blushing cheeks he has.

"Hmmmm? Whatever you say! Never mind Xiao! He's all good!"Lumine chuckled.

'The hell was that for!??'Xiao gave a disgusted face at Lumine, and Lumine did a smirky face at him.

'Phew, even if he hugged me again I'll be a screaming inside'Venti did a relief sigh..


Finally school was over and they all headed outside of school,heading to the dorm section.

Xiao and Venti did the same thing as well and went inside there dorms. "Uaaghh! Finally in the dorm!"Venti made a big groaning sound as he stretched out his hands. Xiao placed his bag down at the small sofa they had,while Venti still has his strapped behind his back.

"Ight! Ima do some homework in my room again,see ya!"Venti said while walking to his room and closed his door shut. Leaving Xiao alone in the sofa.

Xiao didn't had a courage to move his stuff to his room and do homework so he just lay down and did it in the sofa.

Few hours passed(5:48),Xiao became bored after finishing his homework. The room was all quiet and he can hear himself think better. He looked around the room to see what to do but there wasn't so he decided to take a stroll down the streets and probably buy food down there.

Xiao gathered his books and stuffed it inside his bag before leaving the dorm. He headed over to the door and was about to unlock it but then got a small tap behind his back. "Hmm? Where are you going Xiao??"Venti asked.

"Just gonna go walk down the streets and all, why?"

"Can I come with you??"Venti said since he wanted to clear all his minds out and feel what it's like to finally feel calm.




"Pretty please!!"Venti held his both hands and begged him until he finally said yes. "Fine.."Xiao groaned at him. He wanted to go alone but now that Venti is coming along,he didn't wanna go walking now.

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