Thirty 1/2

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   A little mature, can skip

   I'm drowning.

   He's kissing me and I'm drowning. In anguish, torture, pleasure, all of the above.

   His kisses are drowning me. They are drowning me, suffocating me, devouring me.

   He moves to pull away trying to catch a glimpse of my face, but I don't give him the chance.

   My hands find their way to the back of his head, pulling him in. Not leaving the slightest bit of room for air.

   I want to suffocate. I want him to suffocate me. I want his body to be the last thing I feel before I parish. I want nothing more for his cologne to be the last thing I smell. His eyes to be the last thing I see. His lips to be the last thing to taste.

Will deepens the kiss, grinding his hips to mine.

   "Fuck Arden."

   I feel a shock of pleasure shoot through my body down to my core.

   "Say that again." I let out a gasp.

   "What?" He chuckles deeply, slighting pulling away. I open my eyes to see his dark ones staring into mine.

He's gorgeous.

   As much as I love to look at him, I wanted even more to hear it again. I quickly move my hands, lowering them to find his hard bulge.

   His eyes quickly shut and his head jerks back. "Fuck Arden." He groans while I stroke him through his pants.


   That's the last thing I want to hear before I die.

   I move my hands to his face, pulling it back to mine. I move my hips up, grinding against his.

   He moves his hands, so that he is now on his elbows. Closer to me then before.

   His lips leave mine. I'm about to protest, but then I feel they against my neck. I gasp while leaves a trail of kisses down to the hem of my dress. I tilt my head back, giving him more space to mark.

   I curse myself for wearing this dress. One that didn't have a lower neckline. Oh, how I wanted his kisses to go down more. "I wish I didn't wear this dress." I groan.

   His laughter vibrate on my neck. "I quite like this dress. Makes this a lot easier." I gasp when his hand cups me. His lips meet mine again, his teeth biting and pulling my lip, causing a soft moan to leave my mouth.

"You don't know how many nights I've fantasized of this." I moan again, his words pushing me to the edge. I've never wanted someone as much as I want him.

"That's not very princely of you." I tease.

"You have no idea how many unprincely ideas I've had of you."

"Tell me." I pant. He pulls away, shooting me a wicked grin.

"Can I show you?" I give him a slight nod, too distracted and aware of all the places his body touched mine.

"I need to hear you say it."

"Yes." I gasp out. It doesn't take him another second to rip my underwear down from my legs. "yes." I mean has his fingers tease the entrance.

"I've undone myself." He whispers in my ear. "Thinking of you naked on my bed." I groan as his fingers play with my core, teasing it. "Satisfying yourself." I let out a moan, as one of his fingers enter me. "Have you ever satisfied yourself Arden?" I go to rock my hips, trying to get his fingers deeper in me. This causes him to pull them out. "Have you?"

"Yes." I pant. Satisfied with my answer, he returns his finger. "I've done it, thinking of you." This earns a groan from him. I moan, while he inserts another finger in.

"And what was I doing?" I grind my body, riding his fingers.

"This, this and more." I gasp.

"I need more details." He demands.

"I was sitting down, you were on your knees."

"Do you wish that were the case right now?" He asks, I can tell he's hoping the answer is yes.

"Yes." His body leaves mine. I sit up and follow.

   "You know Arden," he smirks standing. "You should be honored."

   "Should I?" I tease looking up At him, "and why's that?"

   "A prince kneels to no one." His eyes are bright and wild.

   "A prince kneels the the king and queen." My eyes are just as crazed as his.

   "I kneel for no one."  He says lowering himself to the floor. "No one, but you." He gives me a wicked smile getting on his knees. One I know will be my undoing.

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