1.Dil ka Rishta - part 1💫

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A bucket of cold water was splashed on Rehaan, who was sleeping like a baby

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A bucket of cold water was splashed on Rehaan, who was sleeping like a baby.

A shriek escaped his mouth, feeling the coldness... He shouted, "ASHNA MAI TUMHARI JAAN LELUNGA!"

Ashna ran out of the room, almost falling due to the slippery floor.

She hid in the kitchen behind her Tayiammi-Sadaf, who shook her head as it was their daily routine.

Rehaan entered the kitchen... His hair and clothes were all wet with water droplets dripping on the floor.

He said to his mother, "Ammi mere raaste se hatein aaj iski maut mere haatho likhi hai."

Ashna gripped her tayammi tightly & said, "Please tayiammi... bilkul mat hatein... dekhe kaise aankhen dikha rahe hai."

Rehaan spoke, "Ammi isske kahen... chupchaap samne aa jaye warna mujhse bura koi nahi."

Ashna said, "Tayiammi inse kehdein... chupchaap yahan se nikal jaayen aur inse bura toh waise bhi koi nahi."

Sadaf spoke, "Yehi baatein ek dusre se karlo..." Mujhe mat shamil karo...naashta maine bana diya hai...jhagde se fursat hui toh kuch khaa lena fir toh tum dono ko family court jaana hai. "

Her voice quivered at the end.

Their forms went stiff hearing her...it was time..To do what they had decided.

Sadaf went out of the kitchen, leaving them alone.

Their eyes met for a nanosecond, then Rehaan walked out, leaving each other muddled up in their thoughts.


Ashna shouted, "Bas yeh dekhna bakhi rehgaya tha Rehaan?" This is what I get for trusting you? "

She threw the pictures at him, making him step back from her.

Rehaan shouted back. "Why don't you trust me, Ashna? Mai keh raha hoon na... aisa kuch nahi hai... yeh pictures poora sacch nahi... just listen to me once. "

Aashna pushed him roughly & said, "You want me to believe you?" Do you even know how I felt? I felt like mai ek pagal ladki hoon jisne apni shohar par itna yakeen kiya... Itni mohabbat ki... I feel like shit. "


"Maine kaha tha usse distance maintain karo as soon as I found out she was your client... fir tum gaye the uske ghar?" Ashna exclaimed.

Rehaan shouted, "Mai akela nahi tha ashna... poori office ko invite kiya usme house warming party mein... baba aur chacha bhi wahin the... why don't you understand a basic thing?"

Ashna replied, "Tum avoid bhi karsakte the..." But uff tumne avoid toh choro seedha usse gale laga liya? Is this how you treat all your clients? "

Rehaan clutched her arms tightly & shouted, "Not a single word, Ashna... don't make me do someone you'll regret."

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