part 2💫

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Ashna didn't realise that, absentmindedly, she placed her entire weight on the wooden wall partition, which wasn't supported by anything.

It shook due to the sudden weight and started falling on her.

A gasp escaped her lips... She tried to stop it from falling, but it was too heavy.

Her shrill scream broke Rehaan's trance and his eyes fell on the wooden wall partition which was falling on her.

He immediately ran to the changing side and tried holding the wooden wall partition... But it was heavy for him as well. Ashna was half crouching, trying to keep it from falling... In frustration, tears streamed from her eyes.

Rehaan held her wrist and pulled her to himself. Ashna's entire body jerked & she fell on him.

His arm was now wrapped around her waist, clutching her tightly.

A loud sob caused him to step away from the wooden wall, while the other hand went into her hair, attempting to calm her down.

Ashna's arms held his shirt as she sobbed uncontrollably.

More than the mishap... Ashna was crying because of their relationship, which had fallen apart.

Rehaan's hold tightened with every sob of hers; he hated seeing her cry, and now he was the reason she was crying.

His eyes welled up as she kept crying... He drew circles on her back, letting her relax in his embrace.

Ashna's heart raced up, smelling his fresh musky scent.

As soon as he went to the office, she used to take all his used shirts & smell his musky scent. Probably one of the reasons why he couldn't find any good shirts 😂

She reluctantly tried to pull away from him.

Rehaan loosened his hold but didn't let go.

He placed his palm on her cheeks & his forehead on hers & spoke, "Ashi... I am sorry baby... I am really sorry... mujhe maaf kardo... maine tumhara bohut dil dukhaya hai meri jaan... but I swear Ashi... maine uss chudail ko kabhi dekha tak nahi... attention dena toh dur ki baat...mai uski presence ko acknowledge tak nahi karta...uss din woh khud mere pass greet karne aayi thi aur kaha ki meri collar theek nahi hai... Before I could move back... usne mere shoulder par haath rakha... shayad woh picture tab ki hai... I never even looked at her. Na abhi Na school mein Na college has always been you Ashi...Tum meri mohabbat thi, ho aur hamesha tum hi rahogi...i know I should have been careful...iam really sorry for all the arguments...usne apne husband ko apni joothi kahaaniya sunakar mujhe pressure mein daala tha aur hum dono mein misunderstandings paida kari... Please don't leave me... mai nahi reh sakta tumhare baghair "

Ashna looked into his teary eyes... She could tell with one look he was not lying.

She clutched his collar & placed her quivering lips on his rough ones & started kissing him.

Rehaan tightened his hold as he kissed her back passionately.

They broke the kiss, trying to catch their breath.

Tears cascaded down Ashna's cheeks...Rehaan wiped it with his thumbs and made her look at him.

Her dull eyes were gleaming with emotions... she hit his chest vigorously, showing her anger while she cried continuously.

Rehaan sighed in relief... At least she was reacting.

He felt suffocated the entire month when Ashna didn't react to anything.

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