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Y/N's POV:

"Ahem, what did I say about your 'language'." Sunny stepped closer.

"Oh come on, that again. Please, as if you never said a bad word, ever."

"I didn't, and never will." He crossed his arms and began to tap his foot on the floor.

"Oh, is that so? What if I wanted to hear a curse word from you. What should I do?" I smirked.

"Then you gotta make me, sunshine."

"Make you, you say. Okey." I let out a chuckle. "Hmm, what about we make a deal?"


"Yeah, you're gonna say few curse words that i'll tell ya to say. Okey?"

"I'm not sure."

"If you say them all, then you can pick
a activity you would like to do with me, but we'll do that deal later today.
Fair enough?"

"Wait, so we can play a game by my choice?" He questioned again.

"That's right. But you need to curse first. So deal?"
I smirked.

He thought for a few seconds and spun his head a bit.
"DEAL! YEY, we'll have so much FUN! Well not the swearing part of course."

From his bent-legged position he now stretched them so that he stood perfectly upright in front of me.

"Holy shit- man you're tall. You've been intentionally bent your legs so far because of your height." I looked him up.

"Oh well you see, the reason I am in that position often is because of the children. I could trample them by accident, i don't want that to happen."

"I'm short too now. Please don't step on me." I giggled.

"I'll be careful with you, sunshine." He messed with my hair.
"Hey, stop!" I laughed.

~time skip~

We were searching for my friends but we weren't very successful.
I called for both of them, but there weren't any voices heard.

How will I even find them in such huge pizzeria? It was already 1 o'clock in the morning. I hope they didn't run into danger. This worries me a lot because all the animatronics are active.
Are they even alive? 

Good thing I have company with me. Sunny helped me hide from the security guards so they wouldn't notice me. He encouraged me with positive words.

I find it very interesting what a different personality he has when he is in the form of the sun. The complete difference when the moon appears.

Sun is all cheering, caring, very careful with every action he does with me. He looks up to me if i'm with him safe. Asks me if i'm doing alright.

Moon on the other hand, the personality he gets when the lights are turned off, very aggressive and cruel.

I hope the lights stays on like that for a long time.

"They aren't here. Fuck, did they even make it?" I shook my head.

"Y/N i'm sure they're somewhere. We just need to be persistent."
Sunny told.

"I know, i know. We have to move on and look in other rooms here. Agh, shit.....my head." I grabbed my head.

"Are you OK? Are you in PAIN?!" Sunny asked all panicked.

"It's nothing. Just a headache."

"Oh you poor thing. I think you need to rest a bit." He said and knelt infront of me.

"No, i can't sleep. We need to keep going. I-" he lifted my chin and took my hand, gently stroking it with his thumb.

"Sunshine listen, you are exhausted. I can already see in your eyes. Get some rest. You don't need long if you don't want to. Just take a short nap and you will definitely feel better. Believe me."

I sighed and nodded slowly. "For a bit, alright then."

"I'll take you back to the daycare. Do you mind if I carry you there, we'd get past the security guards sooner." He rubbed the back of his neck.

I blinked and blushed. "Oh, well i don't mind. If you're okey with it, then i'm too." I smiled.
He let out a chuckle and lifted me up,
and held me in bridal style.

"Don't let go off me." I joked.

"Oh i would never do that to a pretty fa-  I MEAN HEHE..... I just wanted to say i would never do that, that's all."
He got all flustered.

"You okey bud? You seem kinda nervous." I asked.

"No, not at all. Let's change the subject, please." He looked away from me and took me back to the elevator.

~time skip~

Sun brought me back to the daycare play ground area.
He settled me on the floor and in an instant prepared blankets and a pillows for me.

"There you go sunshine, rest." He patted the spot.
A smile appeared on my face and I covered myself with a blanket and laid my head on a soft pillow.

"It's so comfortable, thank you."

"You're very welcome. Oh, OH. Wait." He gave me one more thing. A cute Freddy plushie.

"Here. Squeeze him close to yourself.
He LOVES cuddles." Sunny chuckled.

"Awh, so adorable. Thanks." Now I lay down and had me and the plush covered with a warm blanket.

"Sleep well Y/N." He stroked my head.

"Hey, wait. What about you?" I asked.

"Hm?" He questioned.

"Lay down with me, there's enough space for both of us."

He was suprised at mine suggestion.

"N-next to you?"

I nodded and smiled. He said nothing more and lay down right next to me. I gave him some of the blanket so we were both covered.

"What?" I asked as he didn't move one bit.

"I-.... I’ve never lain so close to someone." His gaze focused on me. "And i don't mind it at all." He booped my nose. "Oh, are you okey with the lights. You know, because of-"

I cut him off "Yes, i'm fine. No worries Sunny."
I giggled and closed my eyes.

~time skip~

I slowly opened my eyes. I had a such a great nap, I think I have gained new energy.

But then i realised that the daycare was in a complete darkness. Only the stars on the ceiling lighted up the place a little.

Then i got wide eyes when two pairs of arms hugged me around the waist.

Then one hand grabbed my cheeks and turned my gaze and then the husky voice spoke.

"You like play games with me huh darling? You know, i have one i'd like to try with you."


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