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"Oh no, I'm lost. Where in nowhere could I be?!" You screamed in confusion, looking around the dark surroundings in feigned panic. Of course, your actions were greatly exaggerated like Metroman's death. 

You were never the best actress after all but you're doing your part, just enough ruckus and enough to draw Kierkegaard out of his lair. You have taken example from the terrorized screaming of the people you have kidnapped before. 

It's already night, about hours past midnight and here you are, acting your plan out. Your plan is simple, take advantage of your curse and act as a distressed maiden to lure your enemy out. With his human woman fetish, he surely will take the bait. 

A dragon has a super hearing so you don't need to get so near his cave. Doing so will make you suspicious. Once Kierkegaard is out, you'll distract him and buy all the time you can. So once he returns to his cave, the Princess will no longer be there as Williams has already broken her free. 

That's the plan and you'll do your best to execute it. 

You, in your human form, ran around the dark forest with nothing to cover you but the blanket Williams hastily threw to you. He refuses to let you run around naked but you suppose that's fine, you don't want to freeze. 

Besides, with you not fully being covered and showing too much skin will benefit you in this plan. Kierkegaard, the pervert loves things like this and basically, you're pretty much having fun acting. You're itching for his demise. 

You continued running around, causing commotion and stirring animals awake as you passed by. You had the urge to smirk when you felt the air stirring and heard the sound of wings. 

Kierkegaard is finally here and took the bait. Surely Williams is on his way to rescue the princess while you're distracting the perverted Dragon. 

You stopped running and stood there, looking at the sky and saw your target soaring through the sky. There he goes, setting his eyes into your form with a maniacal typical grin. 

You feigned terror and screamed as you watched him land in front of you. You'll feed this sadistic bastard even if it means hurting your ego. 

"Oho? A human near my territory? A super beautiful one at that. What a lucky day it is." He said as he stared at your exposed form and licked his lips. 

You had the urge to punch him in the face but you realized you're still human. You can't inflict any physical harm to a Dragon with your skinny arms. Who would even think of punching a Dragon head on when they know they're weaker? 

"W-who are you? P-please spare me!" You started your distressed act, causing the dragon to laugh even more. He's certainly enjoying this but you didn't mind as you watched the dark sky turning lighter and lighter. The day is approaching in just a few minutes. 

Your timing is almost perfect. You wanted to high five yourself but no, you need to focus on what's currently happening. 

"Who am I? I'm the one and only Kierkegaard of Zylysl! And you're the unfortunate beautiful human girl that stumbled upon my dangerous territory." He bloated and you almost scoffed. 

"S-somebody help me! Help!" You cried out, though physically crying out for help even if it's an act is hurting your ego. You acted as if you're trying to run but he only blocked you by stepping towards the direction too. 

"No one's helping you here now girl. I'm going to have so much fun with you." You wanted to gag at his words. Yuck this guy, you want to vomit on his face. Just he wait, you're going to pay back hard. 

"W-what are you going to do with me?" You fell down on your knees, feigning surrender. You clutched the blanket against your chest, I mean your blanket outfit is very suspicious but you guessed that the dragon is too busy perverting around to get suspicious of you. 

"Of course I'm going to take you with me. You're obviously prettier than the Princess I kidnapped so I won't have any use of her anymore." He said and you discreetly smiled, oh he really does have the Princess. Too bad for him, once he comes back the princess won't be there anymore. 

Of course if he ever made it back.

You decided you'll go all out on this acting plan so you started to act as if you're crying in terror. This elevated the Dragon's pleasure of seeing you crying. Although fake but oh well. 

"Ah, you're more beautiful when crying! I really need to get you with me! A beautiful toy indeed! Come on, show me more of those pretty expressions of yours!" 

That was then you felt the sun's ray touching your skin, warming you up. You stopped your tears and smirked all of the sudden, meeting the Dragon's eyes straight out. 

"You really are disgusting Kierkegaard." You laughed and this irked the Dragon right away. 

"What did you just call me?!" You can feel his animosity but you didn't feel afraid as you stood up and dusted yourself off. You realized the Blanket is getting in the way so you toss it off. 

It's not like you're going to need it anyways. The day is already here. 

"I said you're disgusting, you perverted piece of feces." You repeated, feeling yourself growing bigger and bigger, transforming into your real form. The Dragon in front of you could only gape when he saw you turn into his not-so friendly chaotic fearsome neighbor. 

"I know I've turned rusty all these years not being able to fight but…Let's just say battling Williams have stretched me for a bit and brought all those skills back." 

His anger turned to fear. He may be bigger and he may be a Dragon male but he can't underestimate the Dragon who's known to be the real form of chaos and destruction. 

Even if you had gone into hiding, the fear is all just the same and you're glad Kierkegaard is still afraid of you. 

"Y-Y/N?! What the heck! You're the human girl?!" Came his surprised yelp, nervousness overtaking his anger. You swore he's going pale but he sure is going to get more pale when you drain him all of his blood. 

"Surprise motherfucker." You smirked and Kierkegaard felt his impending doom. His Green eyes shook in terror, now he's the one feeling helpless. Oh how the tables have turned. 

Williams who had finally broken Princess Charlotte free could only sweatdrop when he heard shrieks of terrors a bit far away from him. Not only did he hear, he saw the way you practically smacked the larger Dragon with your claws. 

Looks like he doesn't really need to worry about you after all. 

Mission successfully accomplished.


Date : 12/23/21

Status : Unedited 

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Kierkegaard : I fear nothing

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Sorry for the long wait but here's my crack chapter! 

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