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Time quickly passed and soon here you are, standing in front of the huge gates of the Empire's entrance deep in the middle of the night. It took quite some time, your cave is far away from the Empire and you have to stop at some fiefs to buy food or rest. It's even harder at day when you're a dragon, hiding is a bit harder. 

You never really know how to hide your huge form, after all you know is just destroying stuff and gain attention to yourself before stuff happened. 

You stared at the huge gates of the Empire and the guard towers stationed there. It's quite weird standing in front of it and looking up. When you were a dragon years ago, you always came by here and stared down at this gates before destroying it. 

But now, you're here, a mere human standing of it with mild melancholy. You miss those times where you kick these walls down with one slash and burn the human guards with one breath. You could only sigh with a frown before averting your attention towards your two human companions. 

"We're finally here." Charlotte exclaimed with a smile that almost reached her ears. She let herself down from Eljiah's brown horse, named Poo. He doesn't actually have a name, shame on Elijah so you gave it that name. Brown, poo. You catch the drift? Poop. 

Charlotte's already cleaned up and looked more beautiful than ever, her straight hair fell down her waist. Her skin pale and smooth, her face looks like a doll and her dress renewed to something simple and easy to move with. Truly a beauty, someone deserving a Princess title. Simple and natural, lovely and charismatic. 

"Finally home." Elijah smiled too, voice full of relief of finally reaching his home with you and Charlotte safe. You wonder what will happen to Elijah now. He will surely be hailed as a hero for rescuing the princess, and will be gifted with riches and fortunes. Maybe a statue made of gold erected for him in the middle of the town. Sheesh, marriage proposals would probably be doubling up. You guess he does deserve it all. 

"Nice." You said, patting your White dress that has a Blue sash that serves as a belt. It's simple but super comfortable as it's not too fitted but not too loose, just right. You wore simple leather shoes with lacing and honestly you feel very warm and comfortable with your getup. You're no longer naked and cold, you suppose you can thank Charlotte for assisting you for that. 

That was then you heard soldiers walk up to their post, in the guard tower with torches. They must be switching shifts, that explains why there's no one in the guard post when you arrived. The first soldier, you saw, a quite young one then happens to glance at your general direction. He squinted to take a look, Charlotte waved in return and this made the young soldier widen his eyes in surprise. 

"I-is that Sir Williams and her highness?!" He exclaimed and this caught every other guards' attention as they rushed to the young soldier to take a look. It was quite endearing. 

"It is!" One of them screamed as he recognized the two figures. 

"Quick, go down and open the gates for them! Someone go and notify the majesties!" An elite looking soldier, who you assumed is the the captain, barked orders to which the soldiers scrambled to. 

"Roger that sir!" Soon enough, soldiers opened the huge gates and several of them went to greet Elijha and Charlotte with torches in hand. You saw one magician with them to see if one of them needs healing. They're quite fast, you give them that. Disciplined and coordinated. You didn't mind that they didn't notice you as you stood at the far back like a phantom. 

"Go ring the bell!" The captain ordered yet again and the young soldier that saw you ran towards the bell tower

"On it!" He said and soon the bell was ringing, awakening the whole Empire in the middle of the night and people went out their houses. 

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