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You remember it clear as day, those times where you weren't cursed and were still the strong chaotic dragon everyone knew. You come by the Empire every month or week to cause chaos, destroying their gates, blocking their water supply, you name it. They could kill themselves in terror everytime they see you. 

You were the dragon that caused chaos within the Northern Empire, thus gaining yourself a title as Y/n of the north. 

There are times you did eat humans, those are the times where these people deserve them. Bad bad humans. Noble women clad in jewelries too, you take them and steal their jewels before eating them. Noble women with snobby greedy attitudes are the type of people you hate so much. You can say you're undoubtedly doing the Empire a favor for removing the greedy nobles. 

These humans became your everyday diet, you can say you're very contented with your life back then. Especially when you encountered the young prince of the empire, Frederick the 7th or just Freddy for short. 

He's a cute child with big eyes shining with curiosity for new found knowledge and adventure. Not really entirely a child that can't think for himself, he looks like he's 12-13 or so. Younger than Johannes, who's already reached his puberty, for a few years or so. Then yet again, humans no matter how old they are will always be a child for you. In terms, Freddy is a sperm or younger compared to your age. 

Back to Freddy, he's a bright joyful child but not as bright as Johannes the prodigy wizard. It'll be such a shame when someone bullies the precious young prince right? 

Right, that's what you did. It's not like you sought him yourself, you actually didn't care of the Imperial family back then. He's the one who escaped his Empire's protective wall and unfortunately met you along the way. He was the one who found you, not you. So you took advantage of that, you were rather fond of children. Tormenting them that is. 

You're the big bad dragon that attacked his Empire for years yet here he is, pretending that he's in a oh so beautiful fairytale. Where everything is peace and kind, that everything can be solved with words and such. You can't help but volunteer yourself to be his self claimed mentor, to show what the world and reality really is. 

Aren't you kind? Very benevolent, generous and nice. You're surely a great teacher! 

"Y/n of the north!" He was excited to see you, it's his first time seeing a dragon and something deep within you felt warm seeing a little human with a big smile looking at you with admiration. But something sinister dominating your whole being won the race. 

"Oho, you look exactly like your father when he was a young prince!" You said, grinning menacingly. 

Like his father, the current Emperor, they both have the very same Amethyst eyes and White hair. It's quite the standard look for the Imperial family, it signifies that the person belongs to their bloodline. Your grin increased when the Prince grew scared, he's finally realizing his mistake. Lesson one, done. 

"O-oh? T-that's great! Everyone says that to me too, I aspire to be a great Emperor like Father when I grow up so I'm very g-glad that you think so!" He's a courageous person but very naive. 

He's joyful, he's ambitious but stupid. He speaks despite feeling scared with the way you approached him and looked at him closely. He didn't run and stood still despite the way your huge eyes staring at his whole being like a predator. 

If he wants to be like his father, he'll have to go through much more, train himself and get rid of his naive mindset. An Emperor with such stupidity will end up getting swallowed by his council full of traitors. 

"I'm very sure you'll achieve that dream young prince." You said and this made the prince smile and literally beam, his fear of you dispersing. If he's being acknowledged by a dragon then he will surely be a really great Emperor in the future! 

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