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Narrator's P.O.V
After having that talk with Areum, Taehyung went to his car and when Yn opened the door for him, he slammed the car door shut, waking up Taeyung in the process and worrying Yn as she hesitantly asked;

"Taehyung.. is everything alright?"

After taking a deep breathe, Taehyung nodded as he held onto Yn's hand tightly and in doing that, Yn looked at him with an unsure smile as he started the car, and that's when Taeyung sleepily yet worriedly asks;

"Appa.. are you okay?"

"I'm fine baby bear.. listen let's just go home and rest-"

"What about the movie-"

"We're not going to watch a movie baby, Appa wants to rest.. do you understand?"

Taehyung asks as he looks at his son through the rear view mirror and after nodding sadly, Taeyung says;


Sighing, Taehyung glances back at his son one more time before reversing the car out of the parking lot and driving away.

The drive to the house was silent as Taehyung said nothing and just held Yn's hand throughout the whole ride, all while Taeyung was starting to fall asleep in the back seat, on the way to the house.

When they get to the house, the family get out of the car with Taehyung carrying his sleeping son in his arms while Yn opens the door and when they finally get inside, Taehyung  immediately goes straight for Taeyung's room to tuck him in for the night, leaving Yn to lock the door and go straight to their bedroom to get some spare clothes to change in out of her dress. (Fyi: Taehyung did buy Yn clothes that are more casual and comfortable, he also bought her some pjs and undergarments along with at least 5 different types of pairs of shoes, so like high heels, flats, converses, and boots. So yeah.. just so you know 😌.. ANYWAYS--- 👀)

After Yn got dressed into one of Taehyung's shirts and a pair of sweats that he had bought her, she quietly made her way to their bedroom and started to put her dress and heels away in their closet.

And when she was about to turn around, a set of hands covered her eyes and a soft and loving voice playfully asked;

"Guess who?"

Pretending to guess, Yn put her finger on her chin in thought as she played along and said;

"Hm.. let's see.. if I'm not mistaken you must be the handsome gentleman that took me out on a date tonight."

Although, Yn giggled at their playful behavior, Taehyung frowned as he gently put his hands down and wrapped Yn in a sudden back hug as he rested his head on her shoulder and mumbled;

"I wasn't a gentleman tonight.."

Nodding, Yn held Taehyung's hand in hers as she whispered;

"You know.. we don't have to talk about what happened if you don't wa-"

"Do.. do you... love me?"

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