Chapter 1: Mission

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3rd Person POV

After he fell from the Sky Temple of Heaven, Lucifer wanted to find Lucilius. Still unable to fly, Lucifer walked throughout the whole area. As he walks, he saw a caravan where there were people and wagons and the like. Lucifer retracts his wings and walks towards the caravan. When they saw Lucifer, a lot of men were suspicious of him and some were even considering cutting him down already.

Lucifer: "Excuse me... Would it be alright if I could ask for some water?"

Man: "Oh, is that so? Well, why don't you just get some from the river then?"


The man got hit in the head by an old woman using her cane. She sighed and looks at Lucifer and smiled.

 Old Woman: "I'm sorry about my son. Come here, I'll treat your wounds."

Lucifer: "Oh no, it's fine-"

Old Woman: "No, no. Just follow me inside the wagon."

Without anything else to lose, Lucifer went inside the wagon and the Old Woman wanted to take off his shirt, Lucifer already retracted his wings so there's no need to hide his body, he took off his shirt and lay down on his stomach as the Old Woman stitches him up. The caravan then started moving, while he was being treated the Old woman then started apologizing.

Old Woman: "I'm sorry about my son's behavior. It's not really easy trusting a stranger."

Lucifer: "It's quite alright. Though I'd like to know. Why? Did something happen?"

The Old Woman fell silent for a bit. 

Lucifer: "Oh, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked."

Old Woman: "No, no. It's fine... It's just... My granddaughter lost her life just yesterday after bringing a stranger into the caravan."

Lucifer: "What happened?"

Lucifer then 

Old Woman: "We didn't know that the man she brought was a bandit. She was smitten by him... We thought we could have a very nice wedding but sadly we were only met with swords after traveling with him for at least a month."

Lucifer: "I see. I pray for your granddaughter's soul as she rests."

Old Woman: "Thank you."

Lucifer: "I have to ask, why did you help me then?"

Old Woman: "Unlike my granddaughter. I can see someone really suffering through their eyes. You are a man out of place and time, you long to go home. Just like the rest of us... But I can see in your eyes that you are looking for someone."

Lucifer: "Yes. My Brother."

Old Woman: "I see, I won't pry into your matters if you don't want to talk about it. But please rest for some time before you continue your search for your brother."

Lucifer: "Thank you."

Lucifer then waited for some time along with the Old Woman inside the wagon but then out of nowhere, the caravan stopped violently. Then voices from outside the caravan were full of distress and fear in their tones. Lucifer sticks out his head out of the wagon and saw several bandits surrounding his caravan. He jumped off and went to the front and saw the Man from earlier and then the Bandit that the Old Woman spoke of.

Man: "You already took away my daughter from me. What more do you want?!"

Bandit: "Heh, don't worry. Your daughter is here!"

He took out the daughter of the man and as the man saw her struggling to get out of her binds. Lucifer went to attack them first, at a fast pace. He punched the Bandit leader in the face and then saved the girl.

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