Chapter 9

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"I know! I know!"He stopped skipping and finally walked normally in the sidewalk.

Few moments later they finally made it to there dorm and headed inside. Venti dashed to the small kitchen and placed down the McDonald bag and took every food out.

"Heres your fries!"He said handing it to Xiao hand.

"I could get it myself you know."he said grabbing it from Venti hand.

"Ah! So harsh already!!"

"-sigh- whatever"Xiao scoffed and sat down at the kitchen counter stool next to Venti.

Venti dumped all his food out and lined them up while Xiao just awkwardly stared at him and watched him grabbed the 10 piece chicken nuggets.

"You sure your gonna eat that?"Xiao asked again

"Of course i am!! Plus if I don't I could probably save it tomorrow."Venti said while opening the 10 piece chicken nugget.

"Mhm okay sureeee..."

"I promise! Wanna bet that I'll finish this food for 20 dollars?"Venti held out a pinkie and waited for him to accept the bet. "Seriously? Do you even hear yourself right now?"Xiao gave him an eyebrow.

"Yeah! Come on and accept it already."

'What a confusing kid. Giving me 20 dollars if he finishes the whole food he ordered? How observed'.Xiao thought to himself.

"Fine,"He groaned and accepted the bet. "What a shitty thing to do you know."

"Shut up! It's a free money for you!"Venti pointed at his face while eating one piece of his nuggets.

After a 20 minutes while Xiao was already done and been done since he only ordered one food and while Venti. Also done..

"There! See I ate it"Venti crossed his arms and felt confident. Xiao was sort of impress on how he could eat the food that fast but just cleared his minds out.

"Here! The free 20 dollars!"Venti got out a 20 dollar from his wallet and grabbed Xiao hand and placed it down in his hand.

"Wow didn't know you'll actually finish that whole ass food."Xiao said holding tightly on the dollar.

"Haha! Proved you wrong now~! Ahh- we should probably go to bed right now,it's probably 7:30 already. Ugh school school school.."Venti groaned and got up to clean the mess on the counter.

"Need help cleaning..?"Xiao asked,standing right besides him with his hands on his pocket.

"Hm? Nahhh I'm good! You can go ahead and sleep,while I stay here an-"

"No, allow me. You can go sleep,your going through much stuffs."Xiao cut out his sentence and grabbed the McDonald bag and threw away and stuff and was done cleaning (so fast woah😨😨😨😰)

"Hehe~... thanks"Venti scratched the back of his head and smiled at him. "It's not a big deal,Just let me know if you need anything."Xiao said patting Venti shoulder

Venti felt his body heat up,he tried to find the correct word to say but was distracted by how warm Xiao hand was.

"Eh- you don't need to do all my stuff- I'm fine doing it myself.."He mumbled,covering the blush he has on his face.

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