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HEY!! 🙃

Ssoooo I just wanted to let you all know.. that there will be fillers in this and the upcoming chapters..

And if you guys don't like fillers then you should just read another book.. just saying 🤷‍♀️, but for the readers that don't mind the fillers... here comes some fillers 👀



7:07 am
Taehyung's P.O.V
As I woke up the next morning, I expected to see Yn next to me but I was sad to know that I had woken up alone, nonetheless, I got up and started to get ready for the day, first by taking a quick shower then by brushing my teeth and after doing all of that, I changed into more casual clothes and started to leave the room to find Yn and Taeyung since the house was so quiet.

I had barley walled out of my room when I quickly stopped in my tracks at the sound of Yn's quiet voice then I heard her giggling.

Who was she talking to?

Deciding to find out, I carefully walked down the hallway and hid behind the wall as I listened in on her conversation and then heard her sit down on the couch as she quietly says;

"And I love you even more but you know I can't come back home right now-- I-I know.. and I miss you too."

I tried hearing what the other person on the other line was saying but it was too quiet for me to hear so I stuck to listening to Yn's side of the conversation;

"Could you please pass the phone to Eomma-- I know she doesn't want to talk to me but-- Just do as I say Daniel please.."

After hearing Yn let out a small laugh, I couldn't help but listen in even more as a harsh tone yelled into the phone;

"And what do YOU want?!"

"Eomma.. I-"

"Don't call me that! After you humiliated me by running away all those years ago, do you honestly believe that you're still a daughter of mine?!"

"Eomma please-"

"Call me Eomma one more time and I'll NEVER let you speak to Daniel again!"

"Fine....... Mi-Cha.. I need to ask you somethi-"

"If it's about you wanting more money then I'm going to hang up right now you greedy little b-"

"No, no.. I'm not asking for money this time I promise... I just-"

"Just what?!"

"I.. I was just going to ask you if I can come back home for a vis-"

"Absolutely not!"

"But I-"

"Ugh don't tell me.. you're homeless again."


"And let me guess.. another one of your boyfriends left you beaten after they've had their way with you-"

"N-No! Please listen.. I.. I was just asking because I want to see Daniel again-"

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