Chapter 2: A very DIRE situation

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See what I did there with the title? Hahaha, I suck...



3rd Person POV

After explaining what has happened and even telling the story. Lucifer had no choice but to offer his help to the goblin village and the slime. Using his experience in leadership, Lucifer ordered the goblins to erect a wall or at least a wall. he asked the goblins to stay inside the "walls" of the village while both the slime and him are at the gates, they prepared broken down spears, swords, and any other pointy thing that could help the goblins and their villages.

Slime: "Whoa, you're such a good leader."

Lucifer: "Well, I did learn how to do it."

Slime: "Okay, I'll be setting up some wires over the village if they decided to attack."

Lucifer: "Of course, Mr. Slime."

Rimuru: "Oh, my name is Rimuru Tempest, and you are?"

Lucifer: "Me? My name is Lucifer Morningstar and behind me is my companion, Sif."

Rimuru: "Wait?! As it THE Lucifer the Fallen Angel?"

Lucifer: "Well, I did fall from the Sky Temple... Wait, what do you mean by that?"

Rimuru: "Well, lots of people were talking about it back in my old life. Wait..."

Lucifer: "Old life? Does that mean you were human and you were reincarnated?"

Rimuru: "You were too?"

Lucifer: "Yes."

Rimuru: "Whoa... We should really talk about that."

Lucifer: "Sure thing, but later. We still have a dire situation."

Then Rimuru started laughing.

Lucifer: "What is it?"

Rimuru: "What? Can't you tell? You said a dire situation and we're fighting dire wolves."

Lucifer took a second to think about it until a lightbulb appeared. He also laughed, later on. They continued preparing for the attack on the goblin village until the sun sets and the moon rises.  

Dire Wolf Alpha: "Tonight is the night

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Dire Wolf Alpha: "Tonight is the night... Veldora's protection has vanished from this forest. You have nothing left to fear. Another attack and we will have the goblin village and set a foothold for ourselves here in the Great Forest of Jura."

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