Chapter 10

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Back to Xiao and Venti


After finding an empty room they finally found one.

It was a music room,full of old instruments that weren't touched,desk were on the left side of the rooms.. "Hm? I guess this place will do"Venti said,sitting in the center of the room,dropping down his stuff.

"I guess."Xiao muttered and closed the door behind him and sat in front of Venti criss cross

"Wait what did Ms.Jean told us to do..?"Venti asked and chuckled in embarrassment

"You didn't listen didn't you?"


"-sigh- she told us to make a historical fiction n stuff. So I guess we should probably start writing it."Xiao took out 5 blank sheet of line papers and lay them in the floor in the center of his feet.

"I'll do the writing and you can copy it and put it on your laptop."Xiao said,taking out a pen and started writing on them.

"Hmm? So I just type down what you wrote?"

"Well duh."

"But then I'm not doing all the work but I'm just copying you."

"It's fine idc"

"Alright then!"Venti got up from his feet to go sit next to Xiao and sat besides him. He got out his laptop and stated to type whatever Xiao was writing down.

"Wait so what is this gonna be?"Venti asked,leaning his head near Xiao shoulder. "Idk. Just copy what I'm writing and just don't say anything."

"Hueh okayy."Venti whined and started to type again.

30 minutes later pass and they were nearly done but were too tired to even continue writing and typing.

"Haa! My hand feels like it's cracking!"Venti shook his hand and stretched.

"We're nearly done but I'm too tired already to continue..."Xiao lay his head on the ground and groaned.

"We can finish this at our dorm. We have about 20 minutes until our next class. So should we just relax and wait.?"Venti suggested.

"I guess. Kinda dumb why we need partners actually."Xiao rubbed his forehead,regretting why he wanted to do a two partner. "Hehe.. yeah"Venti chuckled.

"Ima be back ima go to the classroom."As soon Venti got up from his feet,he took ONE step and accidentally slip on the paper that Xiao wrote and fell on top of him.

"Wait Venti be care-OOMPH-!" A loud thud sound filled the room.

Venti bumped into Xiao forehead,making him feel numb,but it didn't hurt Xiao. "Aughh- forehead.."Venti whined and rubbed his forehead,hoping it would make the pain go away.

"Ow.. sorry are you oka-"Venti froze and realized he was on top of Xiao and Xiao couldn't say a word but just hid his light blushing cheeks he had.

"G-get off please."Xiao mumbled.

"Oh shoot! I'm sorry!"Venti turned into a blushing mess and quickly got off of him."I-it's okay."Xiao said,getting up from his back,still feeling a bit hot around his face.

Venti didn't take a eye contact at him and just looked at the ground,feeling embarrassed for what he just done.

'Shit shit I was on top of him.. god.'

"I-I'm sorry! I accidentally stepped on the paper you were writing! Augh! So sorry"Venti kept apologizing and hid his face with his hand.

Xiao didn't hear or heard what he was saying,he was focus on Venti eyes all of a sudden..

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