XXXVI. Family Matters

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Heeseung warmly greets his love interest's younger brother with a friendly smile.

His first impression is a critical event. Luckily for him, Minji's dad already has his support.

When Mr. Hwang picked them up from the airport, Heeseung was able to show his best traits. With that said, Mr. Hwang sees that Heeseung is a good person.

"You're the Heeseung noona keeps talking about?" the boy asked.

His mom quickly smacked his arm, telling him to be more respectful to the guest who is older than he is.

"Sorry. I meant Heeseung hyung."

Heeseung smiled at him, seeing that the boy is exactly what he had expected - a protective 13-year-old younger brother.

"You must be Jihoon. It's nice to finally meet you, your sister told me a lot about you." he smiled, extending his arm for a handshake.

"Then you should know that I'll be watching you closely. Very closely." he said, walking away and going up the stairs.

"I thought he said he'll watch me but then he leaves??"

"Ignore him. He's just messing with you." Minji said as she hands Heeseung a glass of water.

At that moment, Mrs. Hwang spoke.

"By the way Heeseung.."

"Hmm, yes ma'am?"

"You can stay in Minji's room."

Minji widened her eyes, looking at her mom as she said that crazy idea.

"I-I'm sorry??" Heeseung choked on the water he was drinking.

"I meant you can occupy her room while she stays with her father and me. It's the only spare room you can stay in." Mrs. Hwang clarified.

"A-ahhh..." Heeseung awkwardly chuckled.

"What?? But I want my to be back in my room." Minji whined.

"I know! Heeseung can stay with Jihoon."

Heeseung smiled awkwardly, not sure if that's such a good idea.

" sure about that?"

"Yeah! You two can bond and stuff, and plus - he can watch you closely if you share the room. I'll go tell him. Oh- and I'll stay in my room for a while...I need to rest for a while."

Well, Heeseung had no choice but to agree. After all, it was the only room left.

From there on, Heeseung and Minji spent their time with her family.

Being the first friend Minji had brought along with her to their home - the parents and brother had so much to ask and learn about Heeseung.

Though, Heeseung was able to spend more time with Minji's family than Minji herself.

He thought the vacation was a perfect time for them to get closer, but a lot were on Minji's head.

An example would be every time they eat - he would see Minji zone out from time to time.

She was obviously thinking of Jungwon.

His sudden return occupied her mind - so much to the point that she almost wishes that she had stayed in Seoul to talk to Jungwon.

That wasn't what both Heeseung and Minji imagined their Christmas vacation to be - but it couldn't be helped.

Meanwhile, Christmas was different for the other members of the group

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