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Authors Pov

The loud tud broke jin from his trance and his eyes directly landed on the ground , he looks at his brother's pale lying body with big perplexed eyes.


He looks straight to meet watery bunny eyes filled with frailty , this is the third time he was seeing his young brother so weak.

He stutters.

"Everything is going to be fine kookie , Aren't you Yo-Yoonie Hyung's muscular bunny?"

Jungkook nods.

"Shit Hyung he is freezing?"

He looks towards Hoseok who was crouched down beside yoongi.

Jungkook runs towards yoongi's lying body.

"Shit Hyung , Jimin is also freezing."

He looks towards the left at the statement.

Taehyung is looking at Namjoon with weepy eyes.

Namjoon looks at him for some kind of rescue , he stumbles back taking in all the commotion.

"Take them to couches."

He whisper.

Jungkook and Namjoon pick up their brothers as a command.

As if Jin brain registered everything he runs towards yoongi.

Hoseok gives him space.

He touches his brothers forehead for examining his body temperature.


He breathed out.

He looks up in the direction of Rose and Jisoo.

"Get all the blankets."

"Help them."

Namjoon says looking up at Lisa and Jennie.

As an indication Kai goes to a side to connect with the doctor.

Flash back

"Jinnie always remember baby , We true blood Omegas have a super power."


Little Jinnie adjust himself in his mom's lap , giggling.

"Yes baby , I'm serious."

Jin looks back when his mom used the word 'serious'.

His eyes are now bigger than the moon , but for her the moon itself is him.

"A normal Omega's scent is powerful , but a true blood Omega's scent is magical , and in case you are helping your mate it can change into miracle , it can even help an another omega."

" Wow!!! REALLY MOM , I will always help You , Dad , Yoonie and Kookie."

Little Jinnie starts jumping on his mom's lap hallucinating where he can help the one's he love the most.

But a sudden question from his mom takes him to different world .

"What about your mate baby."



Tae turns to make eye contact with jin perplexed , Jin was looking at him with watery eyes and authority.

Tae nods , sobbing.

Namjoon looks at jin with utter confusion.

And a crouched Jungkook turns to have a flicker of Taehyung.

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