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Y/N's POV:

When I thought this was going to continue, he suddenly pulled away.

"But, this is not the place for that, I'd prefere it in private. And your poor back is injured. I'll help you heal it, if you'll let me." He said and put his hands behind his back.

"Now i think you might like to find your mates, right? Let me be a gentleman and put the lights on for you." Moon started to walk away.

But then he stopped and turned his head a little towards me.
I gulped my saliva, still sitting on the table.

"Oh and allow me first, darling. I'd like your permission."

Premission? What premission? Premission to heal my back?
Or premission to do something else?

Hold on, hold on.....why am i thinking like that!
I didn’t even notice that the lights were on again as I was too busy thinking about this sentence of his.
It is like i'm getting attached to it.

"Y/N? Why are you sitting there?" My gaze turned to a sweet voice.
Sunny was walking towards the security table.

"Sunny?" I breathed out, my face still hot.

"Hello sunshine, did you have a great nap?" He asked.

"Um, it was......terrific!" I laughed awkwardly.

"Y/N, it's Freddy. You hear me?"
Then i heard Freddy's voice coming from the watch he gave me.

"Yeah, i hear you. You alright?"

"I'm doing fine, superstar. Y/N are you with the DJ?" He asked a bit worried.

"No, i didn't find Matthew or Natasha there. I'm at the daycare."
I told.

"Is Sundrop now with you?"

"Yes, he's-"

"HELLOOO FREDDY! HOW YA DOIN'!" Sun jumped on the table right next to me.

Freddy softly chuckled "I'm super. Glad that you're here. But you two listen to me very carefully."

My expression turned into serious one.

"Y/N, i'm telling you now, don't leave the daycare until 4am, because there are some......... problems with Roxy."

"ROXANNE?" Sun let out a loud gasp.

"Yes, I recommend you to don't leave. I'll take care of things. Will you be able to wait until then?"

What about my friends? I wanted to refuse but what's the point of searching if in the end I found myself in even greater danger. If Freddy said so, then i have to listen.

I sighed and responded.
"Fine, thank you for telling me Freddy. May I ask what's wrong with her?"

"Well, i think there was some sort of contact between the two cables in her head and now she's acting a bit strange. But no worries. I'll fix her."

"Oh and Sundrop."

Sunny scratched his cheek as Freddy spoke to him.
"Promise me you'll take care of her. I already know that you're very good with this kind of things."

"I WILL! I'll entertain her until 4." Sunny's bells rang on his wrists.

"Thank you. Now, have fun superstars. See you later."

We ended the call and Sunny and I stepped down from the table.

I looked on my phone to look on the time. It was 2:40, there is still a lot of time until 4am.

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