Chapter 6: Ifrit

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3rd Person POV

It is the middle of the night and as Lucifer stops flying around the sky and as soon as he landed on the ground, he was ambushed by the outer demons.

Lucifer: "I see, so you all came to visit me."

Lucifer then took out Light Brand and then swings it at the nearest demon, the rest attacked him. He uses his wings and sliced off their heads. Then, one huge demon appeared behind Lucifer and manages to stab him in the back. The Fallen Angel then grabbed the demon by the throat and then flew up in the air.

Lucifer: "You shouldn't have done that."

He then drops the demon from the sky and threw Light Brand killing the demon and also from the sword's holy powers it managed to burn the demon and a blast of holy light managed to burn the others that were hiding. Lucifer landed as his wounds started healing.

Lucifer: "Hmm... Yukino must be nearby."

He flew back up again and found no one. Lucifer sighed and went back to the Goblin village to sleep for the time being. The next day, in one of the huts. The girls -Eren and Shizu- slept last night. Shizu woke up first and she was pale, having to relive one of those events that traumatized her, and then Ifrit started going out of control again but this time Shizu didn't feel too much pain, unlike last time.

Shizu: 'Thank you, Lucifer.'


Right now. Both Shizu and Eren are inside their hut, Eren was fixing her hair and then started brushing it. 

Eren: "Hey, Shizu, come back with us. It'll be fun."

Shizu looked back, shocked by the suggestion that Eren made.

Eren: "Honestly, I'm just not ready to say goodbye yet."

Shizu: "Eren, you're all exceptional adventures. And I have no doubt that traveling with you would be entertaining."

Eren then looks back with an excited look on her face.

Eren: "So, okay?"

Shizu shook her head in disagreement.

Shizu: "Joining with you showed me how fun it is traveling with friends and I'm thankful that my last journey was with you guys."

Eren: "Wait, hold on. What are you trying to say...?"

Shizu: "I've been around for a few decades now. I may look young, but I'm not."

She then took off her mask from her hair and then puts it on her face. 

Eren: "Oh, I get it. You're just joking, right? Geez, you shouldn't scare me like that, Shizu."

Time Skip...

Currently. half of Kaval's team --mainly just Kaval and Gido-- along with Rigurd, Lucifer and Rimuru --Rimuru was on Lucifer's shoulders this time-- can be seen waiting for both Shizu and Eren, as they were walking towards them.

Rigurd: "Ah, here they come."

Eren: "Sorry for the wait!"

Gido: "Oh, we waited alright."

Kaval: "Geez, why do you girls take so long to get ready?"

Then as Eren walked faster leaving Shizu behind, Shizu on the other hand suddenly stopped walking and dropped to her knees on the ground.

Eren: "Shizu?"

Shizu then started to hold her body in pain. This shocked everyone, Lucifer then uses his wings to cover them as Shizu started struggling more and more.

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