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8:00 am
Narrator's P.O.V
After Taehyung dropped off his baby bear at school, he reminded him of the new list of rules and Taeyung promised not to forget, then when he got back into his car and started driving, Yn said;

"I think you should drop me off too."

Taehyung sighed as he glances over at her and asked;

"Why? Because you can't be seen with me in my car?"

"Exactly, I mean this is YOUR car, it w-"

"It wouldn't look appropriate if we came to work in the same car, I know... you know you're being a real party pooper right now."

At his words, Yn looks over at  him and smiles as she says;

"Are still mad about the no phy-"

"I mean why can't I just have a few minutes alone with you without people thinking the wrong way? Ugh and it gets worse too.."


"I'm bit behind on work.. and I'll have a few meetings to attend today-"

"Oh and don't forget, you have a doctors appointment today and you need to-"

"I need to organize my file cabinet, I know..... and that means that I can't see you until after work-"

"Not necessary, I mean I could still make your hot chocolate and lunch and take it to you-"

"Yeah but then you'll just leave again.."

Taehyung said with a pout as he was a bit (VERY) disappointed that he wouldn't see Yn throughout the day, but he also knows that this is what's best for now, he wouldn't want to embarrass Yn like that in front of everyone.


Taehyung suddenly says as he parks the car a few blocks away from the company building, and Yn just hummed response after she made sure that she had everything in her bag,

"If I act a bit.. cold towards you... please don't take it the wrong way, okay?"

Yn nodded as she noticed his already cold demeanor showing then she teasingly said;

"I understand, I mean you do have a very important image to uphold, Sir."

But Taehyung didn't respond or react to her lighthearted joke as the only thing he could think about were Seon-mi's words;

"You and I both know that could care less about your so called "important image"! I mean aren't you the same guy that got into a dating  scandal  with one of your secretaries-"

"T-Taehyung? I'm sorry I shouldn't have joked around like that-"

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