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I kissed Loki's nose as he threw his head up, going to bite into his hay

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I kissed Loki's nose as he threw his head up, going to bite into his hay. I went back to swiping the brush over his body, getting all the dust off of him. "There you go coco." I said, patting his back.

This horse is like my best friend. And I mean it. I got Loki two years ago. Graduation present. I am, what you would call a pro rider. No, that's what I would call me. I'm really not. Getting off topic.

I call Loki coco because you go loco for coco puffs. It's cute. His show name is Loco Coco. It's like a good luck charm because we usually place well.

Being a little, yeah, I'm a little, I can go on later about that, riding really helps with me being in my headspace. He's so cuddly, and he's a really good horse to ride so I can go in trail rides even when I'm little! He takes really good care for me.

My phone buzzed and I pulled it out seeing it was Gracie texting me, reminding me we were going out tonight and that she would be at my place in an hour.

"Awe, I gotta go Coco." I huffed, "but you did really good for me today. See you tomorrow." I closed his stall door and put my brush back in its bin then went to my locker and put the bin in there, then put my saddle back too. I gave Loki an apple slice, then went back to my car.

It's a black Jeep. I bought it myself. I'm very proud for that too. I love when the wind just whips through my hair. It's like- a magical moment in a Disney movie!

I hate when I have to leave Loki but I know he's eating hay then going into a food coma. He's living the life.

When I got home I saw the door was unlocked and I froze. Oh no. Someone robbed me. Should I call 911?!

I walked into the house. I need to save Skittles. She's ma teddy bear. "Hello?"

"Hey!" Gracie yelled from the other room. I sighed in relief and walked into my kitchen.

"You scared me." I put my hand over my heart.

"I'm sorry." She hugged me but quickly backed away, "you smell like horse."

"I thought you liked Loki?"

"I do. That horse has my heart. But you stank so go shower."

"That was my plan." I mumbled. "Where are we going again?"

"A club, the guys are coming in a minute." She said and I nodded then went into my room. I sat down on my bed and got ready for my serious conversation with skittles.

Everyday I tell skittles about my day with Loki and she quite enjoys it.

So here's my overview as a little.

I grew up in this super wealthy house, my parents were rarely around. I was alone a lot. I didn't really have a childhood. I was always at my lesson barn, that's where all my friends at the time were.

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