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Y/N's POV:

"N-no, wait-" he grabbed my both hands and pulled me down so that i sat on his lap.

"I just- umm-" his hands started to shake.

"Hey, hey. Are you alright? What's wrong?"
I took his hand for comfort.

"Please-" he chocked on his words.

My hand makes its way to his face. "Please? What do you need Sunny?"


My eyes widened at the unexpected response. "What? Me?"

He nodded then his hands wrapped around me so that we embraced each other.

"Why so sad?" I asked and patted his back.

"I don't know. All of a sudden I became emotional."
He pulled away from the hug and looked at me again.

"Emotional you say?" I chuckeled softly. "I can admit, after only a few hours, you just grew close to my heart." I smiled.

"Y-your heart?" He stuttered and put his hand on the left side of his chest, pretending as if holding on to his heart.

"This is something so wonderful to hear from a beautiful person like you." Then red hearts appeared in his white eyes.

I raised an eyebrow but still smiling. "What's up with these hearts in your eyes Sunny? Hm?" I smirked.

"Wha-" Then he quickly shook his head and hearts disappeared.
"Oh nothing, NOTHING! This is just a thing that i have when i'm attracted to- YO WHAT- No no, nothing, it's nothing I-" He gently removed me from his lap and stood up and started to walk backwards.

"Excuse me for a sec sunshine- i just have to take care of my-" he looked down at his pants and then quickly turnded his gaze at me, still walking backwards.

"W-what I meant was i need to check, yeah check on......... something, i'll be right back and-"

Then I noticed that he was walking right towards one of the generators on the ground and that he would stumble upon it in an instant.

"SUNNY LOOK OUT!" I warned him as fast as I could but he had already tripped on it and caused the lights to go out.

"Oh my god. What an idiot." I sighed and stood up on my feet.

I walked towards the generator and wanted to turn it on.

Then i heard a chuckle close to my ear.
"I'm guessing we are having pretty much fun with lights off, aren't we now?"

"Actually I want to turn them back on, Moon." I said.

"Oh come on. Can we spend our time together, you know, a bit longer?"

I turned my head towards him. "And why should we?" I crossed my arms.

"That we can have a little communication, depending on how you want to communicate with me."

My face became hot again. "What are you up to?"

"I'm up with you, what do you mean?"

I shook my head. "Okey, stop with this bullshit. You ain't funny."

He stared at me, his face resting on one of his hands.


"Just admiring."

"Admiring what?" I asked and my hand was alredy making its way towards the generator again.

"You starlight. How beautiful you're in my eyes."

My hand stopped moving.

"Yeah?" My eyes flicked towards him.
"Say, the animatronic is attracted to a human? That's new." I smirked.
I was being sarcastic, just to joke around with him.

"You think you're attractive to me? You are not far from the truth."

I crawled towards him who was sitting on the floor. "You are very confident by thinking what you can do to me. But it's sad that you can't please me at all." I moved my face closer to his.

He titled his head. "Oh?"

I nodded "Mhm. Very flirty, but you can't show me the feeling because you don't have-"

"You're thinking dirty, darling. If you are already interested, just find out yourself."
He patted the spot on his lap.
"Take a sit starlight.~"

I can’t get past the fact that I’m really getting more and more needy.
Is this a normal thing when you get needed, although you never had a sexual activity with anyone.

To be honest, Moon's voice is quite tempting and I don’t know why I am attracted to his whole image.

But it would be impossible for him to have that part done on his body. This would be ......very illegal for a child care robot to have.
Okey, am i really thinking about him having a male organ in his pants.
Why would i think of that?! And why did i talked to him, you know, like that.....

"Star, i don't bite. But you can still ask me for it. Rest yourself on me." He said.

I blushed at this as my body was just pulling me to positioned itself on him but I tried to hold myself back.

"Make me." I glared.

With that his red eyes brightened and slowly got on his feet.
"Still having that attitude huh?" He picked me up in bridal style.

"That's right." I smiled.
"But I'm giving you a chance to fix it if you even can."

"Oh like that? Don't worry, i will."

He said nothing else then suddenly something lifted us up and dragged us all the way to the high stage where I first saw Sunny who then jumped into the ballpit.

Then Moon jumped on and walked into some room leading from the stage.

When we walked in, the room was a little dimly lit with stars. It seemed to me that this is Sunny's or now Moon's room.

I noticed a huge amount of cables obviously where's he charging on and plushes of Moon and Sun. And the walls were also plastered with children’s drawings.

"You can check the room later." Moon put me down on the floor and pushed against the wall.
"Now, i'll deal with you first."

My heart was pounding like crazy.
But i was excited because i started to breath heavily.

He came closer to my ear and whispered:

"If you'll be good for me now i'll pleasure you but if you're going to talk back i swear i'll punish you till you learn to obey."


Sorry guys that you waited for the new chapter, i have school work to do, please understand.

So hope you enjoyed the chapter!

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