2| Sippy Cup

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"Girl I'm telling you, it's been a week since we were at that club, and that is when I lost that bracelet and I'm telling you, Will is going to kill me if I don't find it

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"Girl I'm telling you, it's been a week since we were at that club, and that is when I lost that bracelet and I'm telling you, Will is going to kill me if I don't find it." Gracie told me, "we need to go back."

"Why me? Why can't Gavin go with you. He knows the owner." I crossed my arms.

"Because I want you to come with me." She said, "please. Think about Will"

"Will is mean to me." I stated, "I don't want to think about him."

"Then about me. You love me." She pleaded. "He won't even talk to you."

"Wait he's coming?!"


"Gracie! I'm not going!"

"Yes you are. He's meeting us there." She said, "c'mon, we gotta get there before him and find that bracelet."

"Fine." I mumbled. I'm not happy about this.

It's about a 10 minute walk to the place. When we got there, it seemed a little different. Like there were more littles in there.

Sometimes I worry that my friends get tired or something when I'm slowly regressing around them. Or they think I'm weird but they're actually really nice about and never like that. They aren't exactly in that world but they support me.

"Paul!" I gasped and went over to the bar.

"My my, look what the cat dragged in. Ms. Sofia." He smirked, putting his rag down.

"You remember me?!" Oh my gosh he remembers me!

"Of course I do little lady. How could I forget about you?"

"You probably get a lot of people in here."

"True. But I couldn't ever forget about that cute smile." I giggled. "What brings you around here?"

"My friend lost her bracelet and she thinks she lost it here. Her boyfriend got it for her and she's meeting him here and she doesn't want him to get upset."

"I think I got just the thing." He stepped away for a moment then came back with a shiny silver bracelet. "This it?"

"Yes!" I said. "Thank you so much."

"You're welcome so much." He chuckled and past me the bracelet.

"My friend is going to be so excited."

"Well I'm glad she will be." He said. "Want something to drink?"

"I didn't bring any money. I'm sorry." I sighed. "I'm probably just taking up space too."

"Nonsense. On the house." He said.

"Can you do that?"

"I'm friends with the boss." He said and grabbed a glass but paused, "want a special cup?" Special. Ooo.

"Hm. Sure!"

"Apple juice in the special cup coming right up." He turned around and I couldn't see what he was doing, then when he turned around he gave me a purple sippy cup with Belle on it and apple juice in it.

"Oh my goodness." I said in awe, "thank you!"

"No problem." I held onto one of its handles and took a sip from it, at the same time feeling myself slip more than I already was. "Really like that?"

"Mhm." I hummed, smiling.

"Hey Paul, did you get that letter from Coopers yet?" I looked over to the left and saw a man. Tate. I didn't forget how cute he was.

"Not yet. Checked earlier." Paul said, going back to cleaning glasses. Should I go? "Look who stopped by. The little who caused trouble."

Tate looked down at me, he smiled a little. Does he not want to see me? Maybe I should go. "Thought we forgot about her."

"How could we?" Tate said with a little laugh. Paul looked at me, then Tate, then walked down the counter, going to someone who wanted to get a drink. He Tate gave me one last look then walked away after Paul.

"Oh hi Sofia- my bracelet. Good going girl." She slid it on her wrist.

"Fuck this place is weird. Where the hell are we babe?" It was Will. Stupid Will. "Oh, explains why it's weird." He looked at me, then my sippy cup. I looked down and slumped back.

"I thought we could hang out here and get drinks." Gracie said and Will scoffed.

"Around these people?" He muttered like he was grossed out. "I just saw a grown woman wearing overalls and calling some guy daddy. This shit is messed up."

"Will." Gracie sighed.

"No, seriously Grace, there are literally sippy cups. Get a goddamn glass." I got slipped away from them and put my sippy cup down on the bar then walked away.

Tears stung my eyes but I kept rubbing them away.

"Hey, Sofia wait up." Paul said and I stopped and turned to him. "Why are you rushing off?"

"I- I have to go." I mumbled but my voice hitched.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." I said a little harsh and he blinked in shock.

"Make sure to stop by later on then."

"No." I mumbled and walked away from him and out of the club.

I marched right on home, closing the door harshly and locking it then going to my bedroom. I grabbed a box and threw al my pencil crayons, my skirts and knee high socks, my colouring books, bottle and sippy cups, and paci's into it, then I stopped and looked at Skittles.

I'm a big girl. No more being little.

Then I threw Skittles into the box and put it at the top of closet.

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