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7:45 am
Narrator's P.O.V
As Taehyung tried to move past his conversation with Yn, he went to his son's room to wake him up and get him ready for school and after Taeyung was all ready and set to go... he looked all around the house for his Eomma and was about knock on his parent's bedroom door when Taehyung immediately stops him but gently holding back his wrist and shaking his head no, and after his son gave him a puzzled look, Taehyung carefully took his son in his arms and sat him down on the living room couch as explained in a calm whisper;

"Baby bear.. you're Eomma isn't going to work today-"

"Why? Did something bad happened?"

Taeyung immediately asked with a worried expression on his face, and seeing him like this made Taehyung feel even worse about what he had said to Yn, but he managed to regain his composure and continue in the same calm whisper;

"No, nothing happened, Eomma is just a little sick right now that's all and she needs to rest.. but don't worry, I'll come back to the house and check up on her as often as I can-"

"Why can't I stay home with Eomma?"

"Because I don't want you to miss anymore days of school, now let's go before you miss your first class."

Taeyung nodded and although he saw that his Appa was trying to remain calm.. he just knew that his Appa was hurting about something.. he could feel it. But Taeyung knew better than to talk to his Appa when he was in kind of mood.. so he just nodded as did as his Appa told him to do.

- At work -

8:37 am
Taehyung's P.O.V
After dropping of Taeyung at school and arriving over 30 minutes late to work, I went through the buildings entrance and ignored everyone that I passed on my way to my office and when I passed Yn's desk, I immediately went straight for my office doors, opened them then immediately slammed them both shut the minute I walked inside then I made my way to my desk and sat down in my chair still thinking about Yn and about the conversation we had earlier..

That is until a knock on the door pulls me from my thoughts as reluctantly say in an annoyed tone;

"Come in."

I looked up to see Seokjin walk in with a cup of hot chocolate in one hand while light heartedly saying;

"Hey, I thought I'd bring you your hot chocolate since your Sweetheart isn't here yet."

I didn't react to his remark and instead I merely glanced at him as he awkwardly cleared his throat, walked towards me and placed the cup on my desk while asking;

"So.. where is Yn?"

"She's not coming to work-"

"Why? Did something happen?"

He worriedly asked I sighed as I quietly said;

"She's not feeling well and is at home resting-"

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