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SM Entertainment announced that Labyrinth's debut stage will be a week from now. The members are now having hard practice and stuffs,plus having photoshoots on their debut jacket album. SM's artists like EXO,Red Velvet,SNSD,Super Junior,and SHINee released their congratulatory video to the rookie group,sending love and advices to them as their sunbaes. And now,a day after the tenth member's teaser was released,another member's background was posted. Her role in the group is not yet revealed and stuffs,but SM only releases her basic background,for us to be left in a cliffhanger mode again. 

You can check it out below! 

Fictional name: Shin Min Hyo

Stage name: Min/Mint

English name: Hurricane/Neon

Nickname: Hurri/Neon

Portrayer: Kang Seulgi of Red Velvet

Fictional Birthday: November 1, 1995

Fictional Age: 19

Hometown: Busan, South Korea

Currently Staying at: Seoul, South Korea

Ethnicity: Korean

Nationality: Korean

Traits: Hurricane is a boyish girl. Tahimik, hindi kumikibo, parang may sariling mundo. Cold towards everybody, bitch faced or poker faced kumbaga. But she's not that bad like everyone thinks she is. But she always wanted to be an Artist, it was her dream since she was a child.

Trivias: Lumaki siya sa pamilyang hindi kayamanan at hindi kahirapan, kumbaga sakto lang. Palagi silang lumilipat ng bansa because of his dad's job, wala silang permanenteng tirahan, until Hurri was 12. Permanently na silang tumira sa Canada with her family.

Hobbies: Listening to music, composing songs, tambay sa rooftop while reading sci-fi books, mahilig mag-skateboard.

Hidden talents: Knows how to sing, dance, play all kinds of instruments, composer, sporty, pro-skater.

Likes: Black and white things, Shoes, snapbacks, novel books, sci-fi books, dark places, silent places.

Dislikes: Cockroaches

Love interest: Kim Taehyung of BTS

Interaction: Kim Taehyung was the only who's brave enough to befriend her, they both have the same likes especially skateboarding. Siya ang unang naging kaibigan ni Hurri.

Fandom name: Diamond

Fandom color: Gold

Idols who will be linked with you: Oh Sehun

Love Rival: Krystal Jung

Relatives in the industry: none

Close friends in the industry: Irene bae

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