Chapter 9: Retaking Hell

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3rd Person POV

Right now, Lucifer (Fallen Angel) follows Lucifer (Satan) along with her other demon girls as they try to defend their base from Goetia's demons, he saw a whole battlefield from the south of the cave. They see skeletons all shatter to pieces while Goetia's demons started rampaging through the whole area. Lucifer (Satan) unleashed a furry of blood magic towards the demons instantly killing them and even exploding, using the blood from Goetia's demons, she used it as a fuel of sorts for another round of attack. Lucifer (Fallen Angel) was impressed by Lucifer's (Satan) power. He then fired several light-based attacks at the demons that serve under Goetia and managed to take down several of them which impressed the CEO of Hell.

Lucifer (Satan): "I see those powers I sensed in you weren't just for show."

Lucifer (Fallen Angel): "Well, those guys are trying to indoctrinate me for the past three days now."

Lucifer (Satan): "I see. It would be dangerous if they have you. Well then, try not to get captured again."

She winks at him making Lucifer's (Fallen Angel) heart race, he took a deep breath and continued to look at the fight, right now. The demons that serve Goetia are running while the skeletons intercept them, the skeletons may be weak but at least with their numbers they manage to hold them back until the Cerberus triplets jumped down and "played" with the foreign demons. With their combined power the demons were outmatched, instead of attacking head-on. They managed to fire flaming arrows at them. Lucifer (Fallen Angel) then spreads his wings as he flies towards the Cerberus triplets and defended them by casting a shield made out of light. Each and every flaming arrow were obsolete as it hits the Holy Shield.

Lucifer: "Are you okay?!"

Cerberus: "Thank you!"

Cerberus then started attacking the rest of the enemies while Lucifer (Fallen Angel) becomes the shield for hers. Pandemonica and Modeus were impressed as well on how fast his reaction time is and how he helps Cerberus. Then Lucifer (Satan) orders her troops to concentrate their attack on the archers which the skeleton monsters did as they ran towards the archers, the demon archers try their best to defend themselves but unfortunately, the skeletons were much more faster and slaughtered them all. Lucifer (Fallen Angel) took this chance to use one of his powerful attacks.

Lucifer (Fallen Angel): "Take this!"

He pulls back his right arm with an open palm, then he started generating a large bow made of wind and then generated seven arrows with tornadoes as its arrowheads.

Lucifer (Fallen Angel): "<<Gale Wind Bow>>"

He fired all of the arrows and hits at the enemy causing a huge blow to the enemy and with Cerberus' attack, the enemies' numbers started plummeting down until their leader ordered them to retreat, as they did. Lucifer (Satan) ordered the skeletons to hunt them down, the demons serving Goetia started running away for their lives but one by one, they were cut down. Lucifer (Fallen Angel) felt bad but he knows that they are the enemy and he has no say in it. 

As he flies back to the Demon girls, he noticed another demonic presence, he then targets Lucifer (Satan) which made all of them wary of him, he fired his attack which prompted Pandemonica to launch a fireball at Lucifer (Fallen Angel), the light spell that went to Lucifer (Satan) hits the person behind her while the fireball that Pandemonica threw at Lucifer (Fallen Angel) hits him, the volume of the power from the fireball caused heavy injuries to him which made Lucifer (Fallen Angel) fall from the skies.

Modeus: "Boss?"

Lucifer (Satan): "Who?"

They looked back to see a robbed demon holding a poison-coated blade which shocked them, Lucifer (Satan) left and went to where Lucifer (Fallen Angel) is and saved him as she heals him. 

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