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The great flood would be led by Poseidon as he would raise the seas, but he does not have that much power and divine energy to engulf the whole world in water

I will give him some of my divine energy and the others would also give him divine energy to give him the power to engulf the world, I am still hesitant since I was once a mortal, but I can't refute that these mortals were the manifestation of sin, they have many times sinned, greed, lust, pride, sloth, wrath, gluttony, lying, abuse, and everything you could think of

The ones we picked to survive built large arks to survive the flood, they were all ridiculed and insulted thinking that there would be a flood but luckily, all of them trusted us gods and still continued, their families were a bit shaken when they were laughed at but they all believed

There would be some people who are lucky enough to survive the flood, either in the great water where they built an air tight structure, went to break in the underworld or were on boats, Zeus would summon terrible storms and tornados to eliminate everyone that has survived and were on boats or other things

Poseidon would command all the monsters that lurk in the depths of the seas and devour any being they see that does not live or belong to the seas

I would just command Cerberus to devour any living being that tries to break in the underworld, Cerberus is as strong as the gods so it would be easy for him to get rid of any of the intruders

This is the very first time that we three brothers would work together, it was surprising to me since I didn't like working with these idiots, at least Demeter and Hestia weren't affected by these idiots, too bad Hera did

Zeus is just a lustful man who cheats on every chance he gets, Poseidon is the same but is slightly less than Zeus, Hera is a perfectionist who wants her family to be perfect which ended badly, she even tried to throw away Hephaestus, the best blacksmith deity that is even better than the cyclopes and hecatoncheires

Metis should be included in the mortals who would be in the arks since she is not dead and is a mortal now but she is unaging so she was excluded from the cleansing of the world

Poseidon summoned his castle from Atlantis to float on the surface and put it on the center of the earth, there, he filled his castle with all the water from the world including the beasts and creatures living in the ocean, he then blasted everything into the earth and thus started the great flood

He fully engulfed Greece, he was tired but we supplied him with our divine energy to keep going and so he did, the world was fully engulfed by water for a total of 1 week, the lives of mortals is short and since they are easily hungered and thirsted, we quickly flooded the world

Zeus summoned numerous storms and tornados to get rid of any remaining mortal on the surface of the water while Poseidon commanded the beasts and monsters of the seas to devour any creature that does not belong to the ocean

I noticed that some were dwelling in underwater caves, I told Myu to help me which she happily did, she commanded all of her creations that were as big as humans to scout the entire world for survivors and kill then instantly except for the ones in the ark

30 days later and Myu told me that there are no survivors left except for the ones in the arks, so we then lowered the seas to how they were for 10 straight days, we then let the people roam the world once more and rebuild the world while also repopulating it

Now that the cleansing of the world is done, I could finally go back to the underworld, Myu was with me since she helped me eliminate all the survivors

"Papa, Papa, did I do good?" She asked cutely

"Yes, you are the best my cute mermaid" I said to her smiling

"Hehe, papa complimented me" she said

"What do you want for your reward?" I asked her

"Then... I want Papa to pat my head" she said

"Aw, but we always did that back then" I said

"Papa stops patting me and sister Eri, I want Papa to continue patting us" she said

"Aw, alright my angel" I said to her

"Anything else that you want my cute daughter?" I asked her

"Hmm... I want Papa to play with me only for a century" she said

A century for the gods is like a day to mortals since we live forever

"Alright, so what do you want to play once we get back?" I asked her

"I want to play tag and catch the snake" she answered while I was carrying her on my arms and was heading back to the underworld

I had a sweatdrop since catch the snake is her trying to catch Jormungander, she always wins of course, the problem is, the snake can't move, in other words, dead

"U-umm, well, catch the snake can't be played anymore" I said

"Why?" She asked while tilting her head

"W-well, umm, uhhh," I said while I was thinking what to tell her, I can't tell her that her favorite pet is dead, that's just not right

"Well, he is sick and he can't olay, so let's play another okay?" I said, I'll just let Eos, her mother deal with it, I'm not good with telling kids bad news, especially my kids

"Okay, then let's play decorate the dog" she said with a cheerful smile

I really can't tell her about Jormungander, if anyone dares to make my daughters cry, I will tear them limb from limb, literally

Once we went back to the underworld, I was welcomed by my wife Selene who had a worried look

"What happened Selene?" I asked her then put Myu on the ground to let her play with her sister, Eri in the garden

"I-it's D-Demeter" she said stuttering

"What about her?" I asked her in a confused tone

"Sh-she was" she said

"Yes?" I asked

"Sh-she was... raped by Zeus" she said and by that time, I let out all my divine aura combined with my cosmic aura and mixed it with my overwhelming killing intent

3rd World POV

When Hades, the lord of the underworld and the strongest god in Olympus heard of the news of her soon to be wife, he was enraged and let out all of his divine aura and cosmic aura with his killing intent that if a normal human were to even stand close to him, they would not just faint but instantly die

"ZZZZZEEEEEEEUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!" He screamed, the scream that came out if his mouth even made the whole world tremble and the Fates, who were usually indifferent, look towards the direction of the scream

Hades then instantly ran to every room to find where Demeter is and he found her on his bed after checking every room in his palace which was 10,000,000 rooms, thst all happened in 0.0000001 seconds

Demeter was on his bed, hugging her legs and her eyes bursting with tears, she was being caressed and comforted by the other wives of Hades except for Hestia, Athena, Aphrodite as they have duties in Olympus

They were surprised to see their husband there but they simply stood up and went out of their husband's way and let him walk to her and comfort her

"What happened Demeter?" Hades said in a low and comforting tone

"I-I was just tending to the crops for the recreation of the earth, until, Zeus came, he, he he he he restrained me and he, raped me" as she said the last part, she burst into tears as she hugged Hades and cried on my chest

Hades caressed her head and whispered to her ear "Do not worry, I will handle it" and continued to caress her and hug her

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