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SATURDAY, MAY 25TH, 2024: 3 P.M.

"Boopieeee" I dragged out walking inside of our Texas apartment.

"SHOWER" he called out.

Kicking off my shoes I walked inside of our bedroom then entered the bathroom where my sexy fiancé was occupying the shower.

"You look sexy" I said then he looked over at me and smiled.

"Thank you, you look sexy too. How was the doctor's" he asked wringing out his rag just to apply more soap.

"Good I'm all healthy, but I did put on weight since I stopped taking my birth control" I said with a pout.

"Ok and? You still look sexy as hell" he said washing his body.

"Thank you, but did you call and check on the house" I asked sitting on top of the counter.

"Yes, it's finally ready for us but we still need to go look in person and deep clean ourselves because ion be trusting folks cleaning they might half ass" he said causing me to nod.

"Trip to Cali it is, but baby you know what you can do" I said then he looked at me.

"What" he asked with an eyebrow raised.

"Lick this pussy bitch" I said then he reached for the shower handle causing me to jump off the counter while laughing then I ran out of the room once I heard the shower door close.

"Get yo ass back here Zo" he said laughing standing at the other end of the table with his towel wrapped around his waist.

"No" I said laughing then I started to run but I forgot he got long legs so he caught me.

"You wanna repeat yourself" he asked throwing me over his shoulder.

"No massa" I said while laughing then he busted out laughing.

"You so lucky most of our shit is packed up I would've tied up ass to the bed and a vibrator on yo shit while I played the game" he said putting me down.

"That sounds fun, we gotta do that once we settle in Cali" I said wrapping my arms around his damp body then he bent down and kissed me.

"Yo freak ass, and why yo ass look so delicious" he asked slapping my ass while he hugged me.

"Because you a bottom feeder" I said then I started shaking my ass with my arms still around him.

"You damn right I be eating that shit like Sunday dinner, on crip" he said causing me to bust out laughing then he lifted my dress and rubbed his hands on my ass.

"You're done" I said laughing then I stopped.

"Be quiet" he said squeezing my ass.

"Stop touching my booty" I giggled tryna get out of his embrace but he ended up picking me up.

"Nope" he said then he kissed me all over my face.

"What you tryna do" I asked wrapping my arms around the back of his neck.

"Eat yo ass on the counter" he said then I raised an eyebrow.

"You fr" I asked then he nodded.

"Shiiiiit ok" I dragged out shrugging then he sat me on the empty counter.

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