bound and gagged ⚡

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Carrying on

I woke up with my body held down by my limbs, making me have an uncomfortable starfish pose. My surroundings were blurry and off-colour making my current location unknown.

My ears were ringing with sounds of discharged electricity mixed with a soft hum that I faintly recognise.

As more of my surroundings became clear, I noticed an array of television screens moving directly above me, all portraying the horrible and distorted face that I saw...

"Mmm m m mmm"

I tried to shout out only for it to be unintelligible mumbles which was followed up by a harsh cackle of, laughter? Only a true madman could laugh in this situation.

So ThE teST sUBJecT finalLy awAkES, gOod I waS stARtIng tO Get bOrED

mmph mph

I made an attempt if saying before I felt a jolt of pain course through my body, tranquilising me further and discriminating my visions. As I tried to refocus there were TWO OF THE MADMAN. This can only get worse

SeEMS to ME tHAt sUBJecT 0037 HAs yeT tO eXPiRienCE ReQUirEd trEAtmeNt fOR anY coNDitIONs tHEy mAY havE

My fear started to tingle up my spine as I heard the next set of words seemingly drawn out with an added flourish to futhur incencentavise fear and pain

My DIaGnoSIs: ElECtrOShoCK tHErApy

(T/w some body horror elements mixed with torture here so if not your cuppa☕then look away till you see the 🐽 row)

With those words he left my field of vision, a dark shadow overwhelmed meas I started to feel sharp needles slip past my (h/c) hair and jam themselves into my skull, feeling them probe deep into my brain. Soon after 5 of these gruelling and painful pins were lodged into my head I heard a sharp buzz and a machine of sorts whirr to life, sending painful and heavy jolts of electricity to my head causing my eyes to blink uncontrollably with each passing of electricity.

Laughing was heard over my attempted screams in anguish as more and more volts started flowing through the pins.

Until I felt it all stop.

I felt each pin slowly being pulled out as if there was care to each pull as if not to damage me to much. My senses came back to me slowly as I regained my ability to hear, the vile and loud cracking of electricity was still being discharged but no longer to me. I looked up to see a... Savior? No an angel, whith lovely dark eyes and soft brown hair...

Before the sinister cackling began ringing in my ears again and what I believed to be my angel was replaced by the horrific moniker of my captor. as I felt my gag be removed and my mouth be forced open I weakly screamed as I saw a long tube make its way towards my forced look of shock. It made its way down my throat causing me to gag and struggle for air, I felt a sharp jolt mixed with a fluid being poured into my stomach causing me to cry in pain

The fluid rushed to my stomach causing my pain to intensify trifold as though a burning poker has been forced into my skull.

The doctor left my field of view for a brief moment before coming forward again followed by a clank of metal and squeaks of wheels not moving from disuse.

NoW itS my FaVoURitE paRt, THe VivIcECTioN

that I felt everything go black causing me to black out with the words

PatIEnt 0037 haSN't bEEn curEd, neXT StEP, DISecTIon fOr caUSe oF pRoBleM
dIAgnoSis: unKnOWn


I woke up to see myself floating off the ground and a huge pain in my shoulder, head and body within. Confusion was my only thought process as I saw I was outside an old hospital type building. Struggling to get off I heard that graceful hum again that soothes my soul within.

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