SIAD: The Lovely Princess

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I decided to separate 'Special Chapter: The Lovely Princess' from this and put it into another book. 

If you are still interested in reading it, just visit my account and you'll find 'SIAD: The Lovely Princess'.

I'll be updating on that book from now on. 🥰



Same universe from <So... I am Diana> but in the dimension of <The Lovely Princess>

Diana, the modern writer of <The Lovely Princess> is the reincarnation of Diana, wife of Claude Del Alger Obelia, and mother of Athanasia Del Alger Obelia who was meant to die according to her novel.

For some reason, the black tower magician took her away as a gift for a princess named Athanasia, who has the same name as her cannon-fodder character from her story <The Lovely Princess>.

She also met Claude who is her lover from her past life.

"They are the same characters from my story, but the relationship of the two seemed to be different from <The Lovely Princess>. Their father-daughter relationship is sweeter than the father-daughter relationship of Jennette and Claude."

Everything seemed peaceful, it was a happy ending without anyone dying or being executed!

However, what if after meeting her family with a happy ending, she was suddenly transported into the dimension of her work <The Lovely Princess> with the LP Athanasia being executed by his father who is non-other Claude


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