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This book is originally published on wattpad by itsyourblackrose.

Chapter 24

"Yeah...yeah I am on the way " Avni said while running down the stairs holding her phone in between her ear and shoulder and looking  inside her her bag to check that she didn't left anything when she bumped into someone and fell.

After coming from his room Avni was going to study when her phone rang it was Radhika informing her to submit the  assignment today which were  going to be submit tomorrow but due to some urgency professor asked them to submit it today only.

"Ouch"she moaned

"Can't you see while walking "she heard his voice and upped her lashes to see him glaring her and noticed  a big coffee stain on his white shirt.

Why he is wearing a dirty shirt??

You idiot because of you his hot coffee spilled all over him her subconscious replied sarcastically.

Oh god!!

She widdened her eyes at the realisation  and immediately stood up by stumbling over her her things , seeing her stumbling among herself he took some steps back to save himself.

What a girl she is??? Can't able to stand properly.

"I am sorry.....i am sorry let me clean it" she said trying to reach his shirt button but he immediately took some steps back.

"Are you mad" he said widening his eyes staring her.

Is she mad?? How is she going to clean it by.......

No stop it don't think that.

"Avni....avni...are you okay" they heard someone's voice and she realised that Radhika is still on the call.

Holy shit

What should I say her.

"Yeah I am okay, I will see you there" saying this she immediately hung up and sighed. Upping her lashes she met his chocolate brown orbes gazing her.

"I am sorry actually I was just........"

"Its okay" he said cuting her off and went while she stood there staring at his retreating figure

It's okay

He didn't shouted.

Oh Avni leave him and hurry up otherwise your are gonna be late

Her subconscious spoke

Yeah I need to leave

After putting the ointment and  getting ready again Neil glanced at his watch he was going to be late  just because of that girl and signed staring at his image in the mirror.

Today when he saw her caring about him he was shocked as they were not that close that anyone them can care for another but seeing her doing that he got angry don't know why it's just it is difficult for him to accept someone in his life so suddenly.

Earlier also he never have many people in his life it was just some people for whom he loved and respected. But with her the case is different he respect her that she not changed herself and not looked into his life.

He came out of his trance hearing his phone ringing.

"Keep everything ready I will be there in  within an hour" saying this he hung up the call and was going to open the car door he sat in the driver seat as today Harry was unwell so he had taken leave and it was getting late to wait for other driver so he decided to drive himself. Sitting inside the car he stared her.

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