When they're jealous

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Shinobu Kocho

She noticed that you spended more time with your friend than her

She doesn't wanna be clingy or possesive so she let you be. Also she doesn't except she's gonna be the only one you hang out with, you have friends too (unlike Tomioka) 

Shinobu thought she could escape the feeling of jealousy but boy she was wrong

It would go two ways

One: She would actually confront you about this. Please don't laugh at her, she's serious and does not wish for her feelings to get laughed at 

Two: You find out yourself when Shinobu began to hint her jealousy by kissing you infront of your friend just to tell them you're taken by her. If you confront her about this she would deny it so just comfort her so she can feel better

Mitsuri Kanroji

Mitsuri notices this when you turn down her plans to be with your friend. It has happen more times to count

She would get a bit pouty but let you be with your friends

If you offer for her to come with, she would probably decline. She don't wanna interfere with you and your friend 

Due to past relationships she might think you fall out of love from her

You'll have to comfort her and tell her that you love her and only her 

The only indication that she's jealous is that she's pouty or clingy

Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko doesn't really get jealous

She trusts you

She would get a bit sad with you spending more time with your friend than her

She'll cling to your arm and look at you with pleading eyes

After you have spend your time with your friend please spend time with Nezuko so she feels happy again

Kanao Tsuyuri

Poor girl would overthink

"Doesn't she love me? Am I doing something wrong? Why does she always hang with her friend? I shouldn't be mad but...still" Things like that 

Kanao doesn't know if she would talk to you or not about this

She asked Shinobu about this and Shinobu told her that communication is key so that's what Kanao did

You felt bad that Kanao felt this way and promised to spend more time with her 


Daki would have to fight every cell in her body just to not off your friend

She of course would never do it since she knew you would probably never forgive her but just know Daki thinks about it sometimes

Daki gets a bit pouty or passive aggressive when you tell her that you're gonna be with your friend

"Again? You hung out with them three times before last week and now this week" You smiled a bit at her

"Jealous?" You aksed teasingly

"N-no" Daki's blush gave her away

"I'm sorry I haven't paid attention to you. I'll spend time with you soon" Daki sighed and nodded

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