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Narrator's P.O.V
Not wanting to answer such a sensitive question.. Taehyung looked away from Yn as he tried to think of something else to ask when Yn quietly says;

"Nevermind.. I-Im sorry I even asked-"

"No it's okay.. I just didn't-- W-Why are you asking that anyways?"

"Because.. that's what I've always believed.. up until I was 20.."

At this, Taehyung looks over at Yn in confusion before she catches his glance and quietly starts explaining;

"When I was 19.. I started to date this guy, he was different from my first boyfriend.. he was a bit older, had a job. Anyways he um... he let live with him after I told me my whole situation and.. when I was 20... we had sex and it hurt.. a lot... it really hurt. And when I asked him why he was so rough on me... he said that.. that's what making love feels like.. and I believed him because I was naive and stupid and.. I was really stupid."

At that last sentence, Yn feels tears flooding in her eyes but she quickly wipes them away and trying not to show how angry he truly was, Taehyung gently held Yn's hand and calmly said;

"Yn you weren't stupid, he manipulated you-"

"He also got drunk and beat me.."

Yn said as she pulled away from Taehyung's gentle touch and continued on saying;

"He beat me while I was pregnant because he wasn't ready for a kid... and he was CONVINCED that it wasn't his.."

At her last words, Taehyung looked away from her as his mind flooded with memories of him and Eunji and how excited he was to hear that she was pregnant.. and again, he was pulled from those thoughts when Yn said with a whimper;

"I gave birth.. and she was a stillborn."

Closing his eyes, all Taehyung could do was hear Yn's heartbreaking cries and just as he opens his eyes and was about to hold her hand again, Yn suddenly turns to him and says with a sad smile;

"Her name was Lee Hana. You should have seen her in her little pink dress.. and cute shoes..."

At her words, Yn starts crying again and without a second thought, Taehyung immediately extends his arms towards her and she quickly fell into them and as Yn sobbed at thought of her descend child, Taehyung held her tightly as he felt tears in his own eyes as he thought about Eunji and after a few minutes of silence... Taehyung clears his throat and calmly says;

"Yn... seeing that you're being so honest with me.. I would like to tell you something too. Something that no one else knows. W-Would you like to hear it?"

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