ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ ᴛʜɪʀᴛᴇᴇɴ

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"What do you want, Alastrain?" you spat out the question while glaring at the prince.

"I just wanted to check on how you are doing" his response anger you more.

"You did me dirty" he shrugs.

"Not my fault that you lack sense, darling" the light-haired boy mocks.

Indeed, you admit that part of this is your fault, however, you still hate the prince's nasty scheme.

"Why are you like that? Would it kill you to help someone out?"

Alastrain frowns at you, feeling offended by your attitude toward him.

He doesn't like the fact that you see him as a villain.

"Do you think that father will allow you to leave even if you won" he exclaims, returning your gaze with a much sharper one?

"Father never played fair by rules, he will find a way to keep you here, no one can leave"

Alastrain leans towards you, grabbing your face with his hand tightly.

"Whoever tried to escape ended up dead, I do not wish for you to have the same fate"

Alastrain's eyes turn glassy, as he pulls away, and turns around, not wanting you to see him weak.

"I didn't know that" the prince lets out a crooked chuckle.

"You know...I had a mother"

Your eyes widen slightly, surprised at the fact that Alastrain met a female before.

"I don't remember anything about her, except that she always loved to hug me and pat my hair, I was not born on this island, father took me away"

Without thinking, you wrap your arms around his waist, laying your head on his back.

"I'm truly sorry to hear that, but..." You pull away slowly as he turns to look at you.

"...I will leave this island no matter what"

Suddenly, Alastrain's expression changes into an annoyed one.

"Stupid bitch"

Your mouth opens in shock as he leaves without looking back at you.


The moment you step into the bakery, a strong smell engulfs your nose, making it send a sign to your stomach that you are hungry.

After you argue with the prince, you decided that it is a good idea to get some fresh air away from the palace.

And you decided to choose the bakery over the restaurant.

You are not ready to eat another plate of monkey's meat.

While you are picking out what you are going to buy, a man enters the bakery.

He's the curly red-haired man you met back then at the palace, the one who told you that you were not the first female who arrived on the island.

You tried to ignore him, but he seems to notice you.

"Aha, look what we have here" he stands behind you, he breaths down your neck.

"Glad to see that you are still alive"

You don't say a word as he places a hand on your shoulder.

"Because I would love to kill you myself"

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