Chapter 12

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"Ehe~ alright..."he agreed and smashed his head to the pillow again before he headed back to sleep.

'Wait. I didn't actually mean to dream abou- never mind.'

"mmhh.. night Xiao.."he said in a low soft quiet voice.

"-sigh- night Ven"I respond the same word as I walked to the door and closed the light switch.

I quietly closed the door behind me and went back to the kitchen counter where we both worked. I cleaned up the mess and placed our supplies back to our own bags and leaned them against the walls near the entrance door.

After that I washed myself and changed to comfortable clothes and headed to my own bed. Waiting for the next day to come.


-tweet tweet- the bird sang outside of my window. Which made me woke up.

I sat up and rubbed my eyes to get my vision better since it was hard to keep my eyes open after sleeping. I quickly changed to my clothes and dashed out to the door.

I checked my phone to see what time it was.


Pretty early I guess.

I walked myself to the kitchen and I could feel the cold air,passing by my arms and made me get goosebumps but it didn't really bothered me.

Tbh. There was rarely nothing to do when you wake up early and wait for the best time to go to school. I placed my phone on the kitchen counter table and sat down at the small sofa we have. I realized my two front hairs was unbraided but my laziness decided not to braid it so I made myself just relax down.

At this point I wanted to wake up Xiao so I walked myself back to the hallways where both our rooms where and stopped right in front of Xiao door. I creaked the the open slowly,not making a single sound to wake him up.

As I entered in,I closed the door behind me and I could see him still in bed.

'Tch tch.. guess I gotta wake him up.'

I approached up to his bed and shook him roughly by the shoulder. "Wake up! Wake up! We're gonna be late!"I screamed hoping he would wake up and yes...I lied. We weren't actually late. Ehe.

I looked to see his face still closed and completely shut. I wasn't thinking twice and so I slapped him across the face. Making a loud sound effect filling the room.

And still asleep. I could see the red stained on his face I made. 'What the hell?! What kind of person sleep when they get slap!?!'

I started to shake him by the shoulder once again and slap his face (not too hard this time) for the 2nd time.

Guess what

Still asleep.

God. Am I gonna spend my day here and try to wake him up? Yes

I decided to climb on his bed and sat right on top of him where his legs where and Grabbed him by the collar of his shirt.

I didn't know what I was doing but all I know was that I'm trying to wake his ass up and shook him by the collar of his shirt.

At about like 20 seconds I lost my grip and fell on him. My face hit his shoulder and I could feel my face heating up. I could feel his shoulder.. feeling quite warm. I tried to get up but my arm was too weak to even push myself up since I lost focused and turned into a blushing red tomato. A red color of Diluc hair you can say.

Such a betrayal to my arm.

"Mmph!"I muffled my voice and tried to recovered myself up. Yeah I know I'm weak now.

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