XXXIX. I Got The Feels

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(yes twice reference - stan twice)

A week has passed since Jungwon finally reunited with his friends. They still have much to catch up on considering he left for 2 years.

They initially thought of doing the same thing they did before - hanging out every lunch and/or after class - but it's very difficult for that to happen.

All of them are now in college - meaning that they aren't classmates because they have different courses. Plus, it is hard to find a time wherein they are all available. Their schedules always clash with each other.

College isn't an easy part of life. Unlike high school where they could chat with each other whenever, now - they have to set up plans to be able to even eat together.

Everyone has something that takes up a majority of their time.

Ni-ki with his debut in a few days.

Sunghoon with his training as a national athlete.

Jay with his Firearms training.

Jake balancing his time between studies and the family business.

Meanwhile, the others are focusing solely on their studies - which is also something that takes up a lot of time.

Even Jungwon is busy as of now - managing documents for his enrollment and condominium unit.

It isn't easy to keep up with your friends given these things - but it's something they can't do anything about.

Spending time with your friends is something they have to sacrifice for things that are more important.

That's just how the real world works.


"Yes I already bought the cake you asked me to, it's in my classroom. I'm at the library, just go here and we can walk there together."

Levi put the phone down before focusing his attention back on his gaming laptop.

Since it was lunchtime and he had already finished eating, he decided to stay at the library and play his video games there.

The library is the quietest place in the school - plus, his pocket wifi gets a stronger signal there.

He looked at the screen, eyes quickly shifting from one place to another - and fingers aggressively tapping on the keycaps.

He first had an aggressive facial expression - but it was quickly changed with a disappointed look. He had just died in his game and would have two wait 30 seconds to respawn.

With his hand scratching the back of his head, he gets irritated at the incompetence of his teammates. Gaming brings him both joy and in this case - frustration.

"He's so cute~" a female from afar said to her friends and to herself.

She was staring directly at Levi. She was lovestruck - swooning at the sight of the irritated boy.

"Ughh, Aeri why did you bring us here? There's literally nothing to do here." one other female said.

Kim Aeri - a popular girl in grade 12 - everyone wants to be her and/or be with her.

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