Awakening Grandmother

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After our fight, Kara was sitting on the floor, panting and breathing heavily


Kara flew to me trying to punch my face, I simply moved my head, she saw this and tried to kick me with an axe kick using her right leg, I moved my body to my right with a full 90⁰

She then continued to throw a barrage of punches and kicks, I just dodged all of them while closing my eyes, the eyes of martial arts is using your ears to hear the ripples that are caused by the movements of your opponent, that is what high level masters use like me, but most use their instinct to avoid, dodge and parry, sometimes counterattack

For attacking, you would need to predict where your enemy moves after he or she sees that you will attack them, there might be feints so you would need to open your eyes

Anyways, she seems to be skilled in martial arts, but no one can defeat me in this world, no, universe

She still continued to punch and kick with everything that she has got, what a shame, for martial artists, you should know that attacking your opponent aimlessly will get you tired, you need to minimize your movement while also deal the highest possible damage, she was just like a berserker, I was dissapointed at how she is, but most of my fellow gods don't even want to learn it, so I guess she is better than any of them excluding me

I then began parrying the attacks instead of dodging them, then slowly started countering each of her attacks, she couldn't take it anymore and then her eyes started glowing red, so she finally decides to use her beams, she shot it and I put both my hands together to block it but when it hit me, I was surprised, I was so so sooo surprised that her attack was sooo... weak

Throughout the battle, I have been supplying her with the energy that emits a yellow sun, she should have been at maximum power but this is just, well, too weak

She shot it until she was out of energy, I sighed as she slowly fell to the ground and sat and breathed heavily due to the energy she used up

Flashback end

"S-so *huff*, what do you *huff* think?" She asked

I began thinking of way of how she was this weak, it could be that we gods just have super strong body or I'm just so strong due to me absorbing two primordial souls, wait, no way, could it be

"Kara, are you mortal?" I asked

"Yes, I am born from two humans" she answered after she finally stopped breathing heavily

"So that was it, well, compared to other mortals, you are stronger than any and all of them" I said to her, well, she is a mortal and she might even be a match for the demigod, Hercules

"Really?!" She asked as she stood up and had a happy smile

"Yes, just don't compare yourself to something absurd such as us gods, we have lived for a long time and therefore have gained unimaginable strength, you have managed to gain this strength just with a few decades of your life" I said to her, she seemed proud of her powers and I chuckled

"Well then, I'll be off" I said as I waved her goodbye and went to the hall

"Oh, and by the way, before I go, mind telling me where you came from, you surely don't look southern" I asked before I left

"I'm born at the land of the vikings" she answered, she really looks european so it shouldn't come as a surprise

I then began to leave but she stopped me, again

"What is it now?" I asked her

"L-let me come with you" she said

We talked a bit more about why she wanted to come with me, she wanted to gain more strength and I was a little hesitant but then again, if my brothers or other gods find her, they would try to manipulate her and seeing her attitude, I don't think they will have any problems

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