Them having a nightmare of the reader dying

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Warnings: Dark theme and a bit gory on Daki one

A/N: Yes I'm aware demons don't need to sleep (except for Nezuko) but for sake of this headcannon let's pretend they do.

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Shinobu Kocho

She had never ever hated a nightmare more until now

We can all guess she dreamed about her loosing you to Douma

Seeing your limp corpse get consumed by Douma and him looking up at Shinobu with the most taunting smile to ever exist

"THAT BASTARD!" Shinobu screamed in her sleep, waking herself up immediately

"Shinobu? You okay in there? I heard you scream" Shinobu looked up to see you rubbing your eyes tiredly. A wave of relif washed over Shinobu and before she knew it she began to cry

That woke you up and you rushed to hug her

Shinobu didn't wanna talk about the dream so you just hugged her while murmering sweet nothings into her ear

Mitsuri Kanroji

Mitsuri woke up to pouring rain, thunder, muddy ground and her arms, blood running down your mouth and your eyes empty and dead

The dream felt all too real

Mitsuri instantly began to hug your dead body and crying her heart out

"M....ui" "Mi..tsuri" "Mitsuri!" "MITSURI!"

Mitsuri woke up with a twitch and saw you looking at her, face laced with concern

Tears flooded out like waterfalls seeing you okay and it was just a dream

"Y/NNNN!' She instantly tackled you into a hug

"I had a nightmare! A horrible one! You were laying on the ground dead in my arms!" You hugged Mitsuri closed and reassured her that would never happen

Nezuko Kamado

Her nightmare was Muzan killing you

When she woke up she saw you weren't there beside her

She instantly grew to her full size and began running around looking everywhere for you until she saw you in the kitchen

"Oh hi Nezuko, I just wanted a glass of water" You were oblivious to the situation so you thought Nezuko was just being affectionate when she ran to hug you

You worried however when you felt your shouler getting wet and heard her muffeled cries

You took her back and cuddled her while singing lullabies Tanjiro told you about

Kanao Tsuyuri

After she woke up she saw you not in bed with her

She began to sweat and shake

She quickly grabbed her sword and searched for you, thinking you got kidnapped

When she rounded the corner she nearly grazed your cheek with her sword

You let out a starteled squeak

"Kanao! Don't scare me like that" You scolded but stopped when you saw her shaking and sweating

You just opened your arms and invited her for a hug which she gladly accepted


She opened her eyes and felt blood in her mouth. She looked down and saw you on the ground, dead and your stomach ripped open with your arms detatched

She looked down and saw your blood on her hands and she realized that she was the one who killed and ate you

Her demon instincts took over and she began to consume you hungrily while crying and pleading to stop

She woke up with a twitch when she felt movement beside her

She saw you about to leave the bed and quickly wrapped her shashes around your stomach

"Daki?" With her shashes she dragged you back to bed letting herself hug you from behind

"Please, just stay here with me" You didn't know what was up with Daki for her to act like this so you laid there and didn't question anything

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