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It's a week before Thanksgiving and the team decided to have a 'friendsgiving' because none of us would be free on the actual day. And surprise-surprise, we're having the gathering in Morelli's fucking mansion.

Everybody has to bring their own dish, and of course, I brought dozens of cookies. I walk up to the white doorstep, and knock with the stupid fancy knocker thing, all while balancing a large platter.

I hear heavy footsteps and I feel a smile rise on my face at the sight of who opens the door.

"Morelli." I say, a grin stretching the corners of my mouth, "Happy Thanksgiving."

He shares the smile, "Hana." He copies my tone. It makes my expression glow even more. He opens the door wider to let me in, holding out a hand towards the plate I'm holding. I let him take it and walk inside, recognizing the tall ceiling and the dark wooden stairs.

I look at his outfit and laugh. His expression fades and it gets replaced with furrowed brows and a frown.

"What?" He says, defensive.

I wipe at my mouth to stop the giggling that's coming from my chest. "I'm sorry, I just didn't know you owned any clothing that wasn't black." I gesture to the brown flannel that matches his eye color. He's wearing it over a black t-shirt and has black jeans on. It's the most casual I've ever seen him, other than the morning after Halloween.

That's when I realized it. We look like we're matching. Again. Like when we wore a matching red on Halloween, by coincidence.

"Of course I own other colors, Hana." He looks at me, with his usual tired look that should make me feel like I'm dumb for saying that, but it does exactly the opposite.

I tilt my head, feigning a pout, "Oh, so if I looked in your closet right now, how many pieces of clothing would I find that aren't black?"

He pauses, then looks up at the ceiling as if deep in thought. After 15 seconds, he looks back at me and answers, "12 pieces."

I smile brightly, "Nicely done, Morelli. Make it 20 and I'll actually consider keeping you around." He flashes a grin, but we're interrupted by very loud voices.

"Hana!" Sofia almost shouts, running up to me and pulling me into a hug. When she pulls away, she leaves her hands on my shoulders and glares at Luca. "Have you been hogging her this whole time?"

He raises his one free hand up in defense, and Dexter comes strolling in. The first thing that catches his eye is the plate of cookies Morelli is holding. "Ooh, don't mind if I do." He snatches the plate and starts walking back into the kitchen.

"Thank you, Hana!" He yells over shoulder.

I cup my hands over my mouth and yell back, "You're welcome!"

Sofia pushes on my shoulder to usher me into the kitchen, presumably where everyone else is. I look back and see Morelli smiling crookedly, following us.

I think my face heats up. I place the front side of my fingers against my cheeks and it cools me down.

When I see everyone, a smile instantly paints my features. Multiple people call my name and I get pulled into side-hugs, greeting my favorite group of people in this world.

Colton passes around plates as I get a good look at the food. It looks and smells heavenly. Once everybody has a plate, we start serving ourselves and find a seat in a new room I haven't seen before. It's a dining room, with a long dining table, three seats on each side and one at each end.

I take a seat near the end, Sofia on my right, and Raf to her right. Lina's across from me, then Dani, and Dexter. Colton and Luca take the end seats, and to my pleasure, Luca is sitting on the end closest to me.

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