The misconceptions of NovelHD & (stop acting like Karens)

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I didn't really plan on making a post about this issue because it's talked about so much. My graphics portfolio as well as a story I made a cover for have been found on these sites. Not to mention the countless other users I see all the time who have their works reposted too.

But, I notice many, many people aren't that educated on it and really don't understand what these sites are or how they do what they do.

Like what usually happens with situations like this, people react with outrage and do things that don't really help. Yes, anger is a proper and valid reaction, but not actually learning more about the situation isn't. I've grown more and more annoyed by the posts, PSAs, and other shit I see because a lot of what people rumor is inaccurate.

Maybe if you all stopped being Karens demanding something happen on your timeframe and took a moment to breathe, you'd see why this is happening to you hmm?

If you've been under a rock (please scoot over and make room for me thank you), NovelHD and as well as other sites are websites that have been "stealing" users' stories and "posting" them on their sites. The issue has been going on for over a year now, (many years actually).

There's a petition to stop that I've been seeing floating around for a while. The goal is 15k signatures and currently has almost 14k.

This is the description:

Listen up, Wattpaders! is using ALL of our stories for THEIR site. Illegally. Don't believe me? Search up your Wattpad username. You should see your stories there.

If you put "all rights reserved" for the stuff, then they're not allowed to take your story and put it in their website. If the owner of the site did not contact you and you didn't allow anyone to take your story and let it be published in another website, then what they're doing is illegal.

Sure, you may be happy that your story's more popular and it's being spread around.


I tried it (with one of my own stories), and unfortunately, Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V worked. If we don't shut this site down (or at least confront the owner of the site), then it's only gonna get worse.

Please, share this petition to any Wattpader. We need to stop this.


Now yes, this person is correct, it is illegal to copy copyrighted material of course. But, this issue isn't just, "they're hunting profiles, copying and pasting our stories into their site, and clicking publish! We need to make noise to stop this!"

Another issue, notice this petition has no goal. Ok, you get 15k signatures, and then what? What do these signatures do exactly? Once it reaches 15k does the site magically fall down with a beastly roar of defeat because we rallied together and signed a petition? Do we all cheer in celebration of winning the battle then head down to the tavern and throw back some drinks and listen to music?

Sure 15,000 people want the site removed, but want/desire is nothing without action. I want to finish my novels, doesn't mean shit if I don't take the action needed to get it done, does it?

You might argue they then take the petition to Wattpad or the sites and say "hey look, we all want this down!" But how would that work exactly? Do they say, "Oh shit bro, sorry for stealing an entire website, 15k people want us to stop so we will, sowwy!!!"?

A lot of you probably already know my opinion on petitions like this but for those that don't, news flash, they don't work, ever. They're a complete waste of time when it comes to situations like this.

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