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No POV-------------------------------------------------

"So... Where did you come from?" Keigo asked. Y/N shrugged.                                                                          "I don't really k-know... My father never let me outside. We only stayed in the g-garage to t-train..." Y/N said quietly. 

Keigo and Y/N stayed silent until they came up to an abandoned house. 

Y/N POV-------

Keigo walked me into the abandoned building. There was a sleeping bag and some lanterns. Keigo let my hand go and lit the candles in the lanterns. The building was quickly lit up and I looked around. There wasn't much, but he had a campfire and a cooler. I walked around the building, Wiping off more tears. I looked up to see what was left of the building, and I saw the stars. I gasped. I had never seen the stars before. I heard a clatter and jumped with a scream.

"Sorry! I was just getting another sleeping bag for you, I dropped it. Thats all that was, I promise." Keigo said, walking over with another sleeping bag. "Its okay, j-just startled me." 

Keigo POV--------

'This poor girl. She must be traumatized. I don't know what that man did to her, but whatever he did really messed with Y/N...' I thought to myself. I felt terrible for her. I handed her sleeping bag to her and let her pick where she wanted it. She put it next to mine. She laid down and gazed at the stars. I sat in my sleeping bag next to her and watched her. She looked as if she had never seen the stars. 'I bet she hasn't. I wouldn't be surprised.' I wondered. Y/N stretched out her wings and revealed their true beauty. Her feathers had a golden pattern on it, and I gazed at them in awe. They were so beautiful, Just like her. I hadn't noticed her tail feathers, let alone their design. They had the same design as her wings. She looked at me with tears in her eyes, and I couldn't help but gaze into her eyes. They were like pools of emeralds.                                                       "Im going t-to sleep. t-thank you for l-letting me stay h-here, Keigo!" She said happily.                       "Oh, Okay. Its no problem. Goodnight, sleep well. Wake me if you need anything." I said, and she laid down. She wrapped her wings around herself and closed her eyes. I got up and blew out all the lights but one, and I laid down and tried to fall asleep. 

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