Hero stuff; The Hero Party

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Hello, lovelies!! Hope you're enjoying! 


Y/N's POV-------------

I had just finished my interviews and began to look around for Keigo. I had just seen him after almost 5 years and wanted to fly around with him for a bit, and maybe catch up. What I really wanted to know, was why he left. 

Flashback timeeee------

I sat up with a yawn. I had been with Keigo for a few months now. I opened my eyes and realized he wasn't in his sleeping bag. 

"Hey, Keigo? Where did you go?" I shouted, guessing he was in another part of the abandoned building we were living in. (Insert "Boys will be bugs here" lol)                                                                         I heard no response. "Keigo?" I shouted. I looked at his sleeping bag and noticed some cash and a small slip of paper. The wind threw the slip of paper away and it flew away in the wind. I grabbed the cash and chased after the paper. I lost track of it after an hour or so, and just brushed it off. I put the cash in my pocket and went on with my day. I figured he would be back before dinner. 

He never came back... I waited for days and days. Until I gave up. 

I went on with my life and got into a hero training school. I got a job and my hero license. I had forgotten about Keigo for a while, But then remembered all about him and everything about him one day as I was flying over our old home.

Flashback enddddd-------------

Still Y/N's POV-------------------------------

I kept looking around for Keigo in the crowd of people and heard someone shout my name. I looked around to see who it was, and a red feather flew into my face. I pointed to behind me and I looked behind me. Keigo was running over with a smile. I walked over to him and hugged him. We hugged and rocked side to side for a few minutes until I got a phone call. 

"Crap, one second. I gotta take this. Give me two seconds." I said, Looking at my phone. It was my receptionist. 
I picked up the phone and she immediately started shouting at me.

"Woah, Woah, slow down! Repeat everything." I said.
"I JUST SAW THE NEWS! YOU FINALLY FOUND HIM!?!" She screamed at me. "Oh, Yeah! I was just talking to him, I'll be home in a bit too though. Ill tell you everything, and then I have to go to the party thing tonight." I explained.
She told me "Okay" And hung up the phone. I laughed a bit. 

"Sorry, My roommate called me. She saw the news clip." I laughed, putting my phone back in my pocket. "Roommate?" Keigo asked. 
"Oh, Yeah. We went to school together and just moved in together. She's my receptionist at my office as well. She knows the whole situation and whatnot." I explained to him. 

"Ah. Well then, Can I walk you home?" He asked me. 
"Oh, Sure! we can fly there if you want." I said. 

"You got the hang of flying, huh?" Keigo asked as we started walking. everyone who was there when I got here was gone, all except for a few officers.  

"Yeah, I kept practicing. After a bit it was just easy, I guess." I said. We took off into the air and I told him to follow me. I explained that I live pretty close by and we began flying to my house. 

"So... About. What happened." Hawks began. 
"Listen, as much as I wanna hear about it, I'm just glad you're here. I missed you, Keigo." I said calmly. Keigo let out a sigh of relief, I knew he didn't really wanna explain it anyway. 
"I missed you too, Y/N. And I'm really sorry." He said. "It's okay, I promise," I said. 

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