The next day; Mating season starts

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Y/Ns POV-----------

I woke up, feeling odder than ever. I had an odd urge to kiss Keigo. I looked around and realized he took me home with him. I smelled something being cooked and realized hawks were probably cooking. I yawned and stretched my wings out. I got up and slowly made my way through his house. I was able to smell my way to his kitchen and I walked over next to him.

"Goodmorning, Baby bird. Sleep well? How are you feeling?" He asked me. Keigo was making some bacon and potatoes. I got a sudden urge to turn off the stove and kiss Keigo, I didn't know why. I imagined I was still a bit drunk. 

I turned off the stove and pinned Keigo on the wall. 
"Mating seasons early, is it? Alright then, Baby bird~" Keigo said seductively. 


I began to passionately kiss Keigo. Mating season? Was that a part of having a bird quirk? Keigo grabbed my hips and we made our way back up to his room and fell onto his bed. Keigo had fallen on top of me and began licking and kissing my neck. I let out soft moans as he left marks on my neck. A part of me wanted to stop, but I couldn't force myself to stop. 
Keigo started running his hands up the oversized shirt he let me wear. He slipped it off of my body and tossed it aside. I hadn't worn a bra with the dress, since It had padding in it already. 
Keigo held my back while kissing my chest and all the way down to the sweatpants. We were both blushing and I started to breathe heavily. 

He looked at me for approval to take my pants off and I nodded. I could feel myself shaking, nervous, and flustered. Keigo slowly untied the drawstring and slipped off the sweatpants. Keigo tore off his shirt and I could see him sweating already. He pulled my underwear off and kissed me around my thighs. I let out small moans as he put my legs on his shoulders. He began to lick all around my parts and I kept moaning. I could feel myself sweat and I closed my eyes. I felt my tail feathers shake and I expanded my wings. Keigo started licking inside of me and I moaned louder, Blushing more.

*Time skip to later* 
Keigo laid on my chest and I tried to catch my breath. 
 "That," I panted. "Was amazing," I said gently. 

"Mm," Keigo said, holding me close. I could feel my tail feathers wagging, hitting the bed. 
I closed my eyes, playing with Keigo's hair a bit. I slowly fell asleep with a sigh. 

*The next morning* (Yeah, That took place the whole day-)

I woke up to Keigo still holding me. He was still asleep but I didn't want to wake him. I ran my fingers through his hair, remembering bits and pieces of yesterday. I looked around a bit to see feathers all over the room. Mainly Keigo's, but a ton of mine as well. I opened one of my wings to see if my wings were okay and other than a few small bald spots on my wings they were fine. 
I began to blush a bit, realizing we were in bed together still naked. 

"...You awake?" Keigo asked quietly. "Mhm," I said, still playing with his hair. Keigo nuzzled my chest and opened his eyes, looking up at me.

"Sleep well?" He asked. "I did! What about you?" I asked gently. "I slept really well," Keigo said. I heard the front door open and slam. Keigo sat up quickly and sent a feather to lock his bedroom door. 
"Keigo! I'm here for my shit." A woman's voice shouted. Keigo looked at me and whispered, "Hide!". I got up and went to hide in the bathroom, which he had another attached to his room. 
I heard Keigo stumble to get some pants on and he tried to gather all my feathers and stuffed them under his bed. I locked the bathroom door, just to be safe.  I heard the door handle jiggle and Keigo opened it. 
"wheres my shit, Keigo. And why are there feathers everywhere?" The woman asked. She sounded Irritated. 
"It's all in this box," Keigo said. I heard him hand the box to her and she rummaged through the box. Something caught her eye though. 
"Keigo?" She asked. "What?" 
"Whos feather is that?" She asked, walking over to one of my feathers. She picked it up and showed it to Keigo. 

"I- Don't know?" Keigo said. "You're a terrible liar. Where is she?!" she screamed, I heard her try to get in the bathroom, but thankfully I locked it. 

"Wait, I recognize this feather..." The woman said, Giving up on the door handle. I felt my heart drop. "Thats Owletts, Isn't it?" She asked. "I don't know, She did drop something off for me last night! Maybe she left it behind by accident." Keigo said. I could tell he was nervous. I covered my mouth once I realized I was breathing heavily. I didn't know what this girl's quirk was. My heart dropped once I heard my phone ring. I had it in my purse somewhere in the house. 

I heard Keigo kick the woman out and he locked the door once she left. I heard her bang on the door again for a few minutes and Keigo locked all the doors. 
"Y/N? Its safe to come out." Keigo said from outside the bathroom door. "She's gone? What was that all about? What if she knows? What if-"
"It's going to be fine, She can get in trouble if she says anything anyway," Keigo said as I slowly opened the door. Keigo handed me some clothes to put on and I put them on.

"You can sneak out through the back, Your house isn't too far from here. I'll bring you your things after work. Here's your phone and purse." Keigo said, Handing me my things.
I gave him a quick kiss and zoomed away with a wave. 

I remembered I left my window unlocked so I sneaked in through there, it was still a bit dark so I imagined Keuli was still asleep. My light was off and my door was closed. I opened the window gently and snuck in. I gently closed the window trying not to make a noise. 

"Welcome back, Y/N! WHY WERE YOU GONE FOR A WHOLE DAY!? I CALLED YOU TEN FUCKING TIMES! YOU SCARED THE SHIT OUTTA ME!" Keuli screamed, Hugging me. I tossed my purse on my bed and hugged her. "I'm sorry, I got. Distracted persay." I laughed. 
"I never want to read your mind again, But good for you. Glad you had fun!" Keuli said, Looking disgusted.

"Keigo is going to bring the rest of my stuff tonight, but I need to get dressed and get to work. I have a patrol today." I said, Going to get my clothes from the dryer. Keuli always made sure my hero suit was ready for me when I needed it, so it was all dry. 
"Oh, Don't forget you have to redesign your suit today. It's due at the end of the week, So think about what all you need on your suit."  Keuli reminded me as I took my suit out of the dryer and went to put it on. 

I grabbed a few papers and grabbed my phone. 

"Alright, I'm heading out. I'll see you tonight!" I said, walking to the door. "Be safe! Have a good patrol!" She shouted as I left.

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