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i'm such an idiot *-* i forgot to upload this from my tumblr (p.s. the bolded lines are from my old prompts on tumblr). but on another note, yall we have more than 600 votes and first ranking in salt!! thank you so much guys!!

MARINETTE SMILED AND waved at the two students walking by her as Damian toured her around Gotham Academy. When she turned around to ask Damian something she saw him giving them the famous 'Ice Prince' glare.

She giggled at him. "Dami, why are you glaring at those two Alphas?"

Damian glared at them until they were out of sight and then answered her. "Because they were checking you out. And because you're an Omega Angel, I cannot let them take advantage of you."

Marinette shook her head at his overprotectiveness. Alphas.


Over the course of her day, Marinette could understand what he was talking about. Boys (specifically Alphas) were checking her out and it was kind of annoying. Though, Damian's glares and kisses threw them off every time. Like now.

Some blonde-haired alpha was blatantly staring at her in the lunch line and Damian noticed (of course he did, he's Robin for Kwami's sake!) and turned her around and roughly crashed his lips into hers for the sixth time that day. Not that she was complaining, of course.

When he pulled away from her, the blondie had stopped staring at her. Marinette grinned at him mischievously and said, "You can't kiss me every time a guy looks at me just because you're jealous, you know?"

Damian, clearly not registering the second part of the sentence in his brain, retorted, "I can and will kiss you whenever I want." Then what she said registered. "And I'm not jealous."

Marinette snorted at him and asked, "What do you call it then?"

He sniffed haughtily and replied, "Tt. I call it protecting my girlfriend and showing those fools who's girlfriend she is. It is not being jealous." He added when he saw her open her mouth.

Marinette giggled at his defensive stance and kissed him lightly on the nose. "Sure mon demon, keep telling yourself that. Now come, I want to eat my lunch somewhere private so we can do other things."

Once the implications of what she said sank in, Damian's cheeks flushed a little, but he nodded vigorously with a smile with far too many teeth, "Come."

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