1: The Interview

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I glanced at the clock in my car I was running early for the interview. The plaza was not set for its grand opening till Monday morning, but they were doing the mass hiring event to fill the many vacant spots. Although I could have applied to anything I had decided to apply for the live in daycare and party attendant. The day care was the only department I did not have any experience in, but I always wanted to. I always loved working with kids and even worked as a teacher aid for a summer program.

It had been a few years since the Pizza Plex fire. Not much information was released to the public let alone laid off employees in regards of information. It had taken them a while to rebuild. I didn't even know about the reopening until I saw the ad for the new live in attendee position. 

I hoped working there before would give me some leverage above other candidates. Though I didn't work there long and I was mostly a float employee in gift shops and themed attractions, I had the chance to spend at least a few days with each of the main stars. The animatronics were very lively even back then and seemed to almost be alive. Although they each had their quirks, I had grown a fondness for all of them after getting to know them. Shoot even Dj music man was fun to hang around once you understood how to communicate through song.

I took the final turn and entered the newly paved parking lot. It was the first time I saw the new plaza it looked like it had grown but defiantly had the same feel and look as the old plex. There were a few scattered cars I assumed they were other candidates for the open positions. I could defiantly admit that the Pizza Plex didn't skimp when it came to employee rate of pay.

Stepping out of the car I adjusted my blouse. I hadn't worn it in forever and the top button seemed to struggle to stay close and threatening to pop if I made the wrong move. I checked my hair in the reflection of the car door and held my resume binder close to my chest. I took a deep breath and a bit nervous. I was never a strong communicator and that is why I had always liked working at the Pizza Plex. Animatronics were much easier to talk to than people.

I walked up to the security booth, my shoes making a clanking noise on the newly waxed floors. I was honestly stunned at the interior it was like taking a step back in time to the first time I had came here.

"Hello, I take it you are here for the interview event?" 

The guard. He was new and had a welcoming face. He was an older man with salt and peppered hair. I showed a bright smile.

"Uh, yes that's right." 

"Right this way."

He gave me a small nod and stood. He was not much taller than me but had a small hunch on his upper back. I followed him through the turn tables and into the main room. He pointed to a small black door on the left.

"You're gunna go through that door, the hallway doors will be labeled for each of the job position. Just go to which ever you applied for and have a fantastic day, good luck." He promptly turned and left.

 I followed through the door into the long hallway like he said they were all labeled I scanned each until I reached the end of the hallway. Daycare and Party. I opened the door, there were a few people already sitting in the black plastic chairs, most of them with their noses in their phones. The room was bland blue with nothing on the walls, the only thing was the black door across the room which I had assumed was the office that the interviews were being held.

I tried to sit down in one of the plastic chairs quietly but had seemed to catch the attention of the guy next to me.

"Hi, I am Marcus." Marcus reached a hand out. 

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