About damn time.

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The building towered over me. To say it was daunting to be here would be an understatement. A stupidly big understatement.

But I'm desperate. And desperate people do desperate things.

Every muscle in my body ached in defiance as I treated up each step. In front of me stood a grand set of old doors, the wood aged with time. I raised my arm and knocked. No answer.

I tried again, one, two, three.
The sound of several locks clicking answered from the other side and the handle of the door shook. The door began to open and behind it, peered a, Asian man with a grumpy expression.
He looked me up and down in slight shock before opening the door and stepping to the side.

"We have been awaiting your arrival, Miss Maximoff." His tone went slightly salty when speaking my name, how someone would speak when swatting away a fly.
I huffed in reply.
"I'm Wong. Come with me."
Without waiting for a reply, he stalked off. He wasn't exactly a tall man, maybe five eight, but his face appears to watch paranoid with annoyance. Lucky for him I'm always paranoid.

We walked quickly through several corridors, passing people in weird clothing similar to Wong's. Each person we walked past either avoided looking at me in the eye, or looked at me like i was a chunk of gum under their shoe. So many people, so many voices. But they're like sheep, like the rest of the world. When being told one thing, their minds all sync into one. Hey look, it's the bitch who killed twenty three people.

Let's not get too close to her, she might incinerate us too.

Why the hell did Wong let her in here?

"There's a door through here that connects to the New York Sanctum. You will find Strange there and deal with that ever it is you need. He's still a doctor so can help you with that gunshot wound you probably wrapped wrong."

I shot him a scowl. "I know perfectly well how to wrap a gunshot wound."

"He raised one eyebrow in irritation and glared. "Well, we can let Strange be the judge of that."

Eventually, we stepped into the room, several doors lines the wall.

Wong turned the knob of one of the doors before swinging it open. His head turned to be, bored as he gestured his arm for me to step through.

He quickly followed through behind me and lead me into a large corridor. Eventually we reached a grand staircase that lead to the main entrance. "Strange, Get your ass in here! That witchy girl is here!"

If I were surprised by his choice of words I would have glared.

A tall man stepped out from a room off the left of the main hallway. He stood in a grey hoodie and jeans, a red cloak draped over his shoulders. In his hand, he help a coffee cup with 'don't f*** with me' written on the front. Weird outfit but I'm not one to judge.

"About damn time. Miss Maximoff, so glad you could join us, I'm Stephen Strange." He shook my hand with his free one.

"Hi, I have a feeling you knew I was on my way here."

he nodded his head with a small smile before grabbing the chain of a long necklace out from under his hoodie. At the bottom was a metal pendant shaped as an eye. "I did."
He took a sip of his coffee, revealing a middle finger picture on the bottom of the mug that made me fight the urge to laugh.  "You're going to have to tell me where you got that mug."  A small smile tugged at his lips before he turned to the other direction.

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