Chapter 13

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Third person POV

Venti groaned,rolled his eyes at her and smashed his head at the table.

"Jeez! Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed!"She joke with a chuckle and softly pushed Venti shoulders.

Venti was tired of her nonsense and tried to clear his minds out by laying his head down against the table.

"Alright class!"Ms.Jean yelled out and brought the classes attention at her.

"Time for us to present. Also! I made a mistake. We weren't suppose to write some historical writing stuffs whatever. but you were suppose to make a small book about how your guys life are. But I still wanna hear your guys's History's ".Ms.Jean screamed out in full of happiness and was excited to listen to her students present there works.

'You have to be kidding me...'Venti thought to himself.

The students 'awe' since they didn't wanna go up to the class and talk and while Ms.Jean gave them a big precious smile at them.

Lumine was so excited to present hers and quickly raised her hand up. "Me! I'll gladly read mine~"Lumine looked at Venti and winked at him. Venti looked up at her and was confused on what she was about to do.

But he did had a bad feeling about this..

"Oh? There's that confidence! Come up and read yours!"Ms.Jean said.

"Gladly!"Lumine jumped out of her chair and stand in front of the whole class. "Ahem" she gave a fake cough to catch there attentions. "So! This story was about two boys who recently met in high school. One hated the boy and the other boy like the other other boy. So one time girls hovered around the boy and so the boy pulled the boy and kissed him. Now they gotta act like a fake couple around the school for girls not to hover around them. And one day. The teacher said that there will be a project and it was a two partner one. The boy and the boy partner up and they went to an old abandoned room of the school. An-"

"Okay what are there names..?"Ms.Jean paused her since she was so confused on what she was saying. "Let me finish! Anyways! As they were doing there project there. They started to make out and someone caught them and they got red handed."

All the class started to yelled out a 'oooh!'. But Venti and Xiao knew what she was talking about and they both turned bright red. Xiao gave her an evil look, and Venti shake his head from left to right as a sign of 'don't keep going!'.

But of course Lumine didn't listen and continued on. "And then they-"before another word she could spill out Ms.Jean stopped her

"Alright enough I heard enough-."

"BuT I wasn't-"

"It's only 3 minutes reading. Now go back to your seat." Lumine was sad that she couldn't continue and Venti was relief that Ms.Jean stopped her.

Lumine walked to her desk and as soon as she sat down,Venti immediately grabbed her by the collar. "WHY WOULD YOU MAKE A STORY ABOUT ME AND HIM?!?"Venti low screamed at her. Shaking the shirt and Lumine tried to held her laughter. "HEHEH! I thought it'll be funny ahaha-"Lumine held her laughter by holding onto her mouth.

"Your so mean!!!"Venti whined as he continued on shaking her collar. Xiao just watched Venti shaking her and Lumine trying her best not to burst to laughter.

"Hey! You two stop!"Ms.Jean yelled at them both. Venti apologized and finally let go of Lumine collar. "Heh! You got in troubleee"Lumine whispered.

"Shut up,you too-"

"Ahem! No more words from you both!"Ms.Jean yelled once again. "Sorry!"They both apologized.

'Ahh..idiots.'Xiao thought to himself.

-RING RING RING- after classes was lunch. (Lazy yeah)

As usual all of the, sitting a the lunch table and talking..chit chat woo hoo.

Lumine was going wild about her presentation and Venti tried to stop her and while Xiao and Aether watched the two argue. "So uh.. what happened?"Aether asked Xiao. "Well Lumine made a presentation about me and Venti but thankfully didn't say our names." Xiao answered.

"Ahh. So that's why, all night yesterday she was reading me that story she wrote. Ugh sorry about her"Aether apologized. "Oh it's fine."Xiao looked at him then back at The two who were fighting.

"Should we stop them?"

"No this is way more entertaining. Heh"

As times goes by lunch ended and they all left there table. Venti started to tackled on Lumine back and looked like he was glue onto her.

Lumine tried to pushed him away but couldn't. "Ack! Get off of me Venti! "Lumine pushed Venti but he still got up and went to her back. He could never be so angry at someone.

"Ahh! Xiao get your angry doggo!"Lumine yelled for Xiao attention. Xiao came and wrapped both Venti by the arms and pulled him away. "Ah! Thank you Xiao!"Lumine thanked him..

She was finally relief that she was able to stretch her back and while Venti. Kicking his legs up and down. "Let go of me Xiao! I'm not finish with her!!"He startled,shaking his arms in order to escape by Xiao arm.

"Augh! Calm yourself already,Aether grab her away and go to your guys classes already"Aether nodded his head and did what he said. He grabbed Lumine by the arm and ran off of the cafeteria.

"No! Come back! I'm not done!"Venti yelled,filled of anger in his voice. He def wanted to kill Lumine after what happened.

Venti kept swinging his legs up and down,shaking his arms which made Xiao lost grip on him.

'If he keeps doing that,he'll escape and run after her.'Xiao looked around to see people leaving so he had no choice and turned Venti body around and hugged him.

Venti face was against his chest. He screamed his anger but thankfully it was muffled. "MMMMPHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

"Calm down and get over it already!"As soon Xiao said that,Venti stopped and became quiet. He stood still but his face was still onto his chest. Xiao thought he killed him since he held him kinda tight.

Xiao broke the hug too check if he was alive or not. "Uhh.. Venti you good now?"He asked.

Venti took heavy breathes from screaming and yelling. "Yeah. I took my anger out of you..thanks."He gave a small smile but it quickly faded away.

"Good. Come on. Thanks to you,we're already late."Xiao held him by the hand and dragged him out of the cafeteria. "Aghh j think my head hurts even more now.."He rubbed his head and massaged it.

"You'll get use to it."





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