2: Down we fall.

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Grasping both sides of the slide I slowly made my way down. Keeping as quiet as possible, once at the end I quietly stepped into the pit of colorful balls. 

Keeping quiet moving through this was going to be a challenge. I made my way to the edge of the pit and lifted myself into the play area. 

I quickly crept through the play scape trying to get a better view into the napping area where I saw the  figure. I crouched down behind an exterior slide trying to hid. After some time my thighs began to burn from being squatted down so low for such a long time. I breathed through the pain but when nothing happened I gave up figuring I need to get closer if I was going figure out what was going on. 

 I pulled my self up using the slide for a support. I cautiously walked to the entrance of the napping room. Nervousness settled into my stomach I chewed lightly on my finger nail trying to build courage.

With a deep breath and with all the courage I could muster I took the final step in. The room was very dim but just light enough to make out the children's sleeping mats on the floor. The smell of sweet lavender filled my nose, relaxing my tense muscles as I adventured deeper into the room. 

Scanning the room for anything unusual it was still and quiet. The rooms walls were painted with wispy clouds and the ceiling littered with glowing stars. It felt warm and inviting. A bundle of pillows and blankets were shoved into a corner and a small toppled book case opposite of it. Just above it  there was what seemed to be a sitting swing. I assumed it was for the attendant to get a better view of the room to watch over the children who slept. 

Which in it self wouldn't have been an issue but it still swung back and forth slowly as who whoever was sitting had just left. My heart fluttered a bit in fear. Uneasy I began to slowly back out of the room. But before I could make my leave, I back into something with a hard THUD

Chills jolted down my spine as I spun around, a yell escaped pass my lips, but it was quick to cover my mouth. I was only faced with a blue vested chest as the tall figure bent over to my ear. 

"Naughty girl, you're not supposed to be in here." The voice was deep and husky, almost melodic.

 Whoever it was their breath tickled my neck sending goose bumps down my body. My knees feeling a bit weak hardly able to hold my weight. It's light chuckle tickled my neck further. My head was screaming at me to move but my body wanted nothing more to do than to stay.

"Seven thousand two hundred! Ready or not here I come." A loud voice echoing through the entire day care, the sound of impact and rustling in the ball pit followed the excited voice. 

Arms wrapped around my waist as the person dove into the piled pillows and blankets with me in tow. I landed hard against their chest almost knocking the breath out of me.

"Shush or he will find us." the deep voice whispered. 

My eye brows furrowed but I listened staying a quiet as possible, my pulse ringing loudly in my ears and my face felt warm.

 We were in quite the position. 

His arm still wrapped around my waist pinned me against his broad chest and my legs straddling his waist. Unnecessary lewd thoughts flooded my brain, I felt a familiar heat begin to pool deep down in my stomach. Oh god, this is not the time to be having those thoughts. Pushing them out of my brain the best I could, I took the opportunity to arch my neck up and see just who I was sitting on top of.

Part of me wished I didn't because I just could not understand why the hell  anyone make an animatronic this damn attractive and human. 

His dark hair showed from under his night cap, his eyes were a soft red color and seemed to softly illuminated the very intimate area between us. The bridge of his  long nose had a natural red tint that crossed over to the tops of his cheeks. His face was so close to mine, so close any movement would cause our noses to bump together.

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