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My neck hurts so much, and there's a dull pain in my shoulders. My eyes adjust to the dark room. The only light that's on is a small desk light, but it looks like it's on its last life, about to give out.

Where the hell am I?

I look down, and there's a black suit jacket laid on top of me. It smells familiar, like vanilla cookies with citrus.


I fell asleep in Morelli's office. This is not good. Where is he? I sit up straight, stretching my arms out and it relieves some pain in my back. Oh. There's a note, with some horrible handwriting.

Dog needed to pee, I think. Be back soon. -LM

My fingers run over his initials. He writes it so pretty, I can't explain it. It stands out from the chicken scratch next to it. Weird.

Shit. What time is it? I pull out my phone and squint at the bright screen.

Oh God. It's 4 AM. Why was Morelli still here this late? Why am I here this late? Shit, the ghosts are gonna get me.

I pocket my phone again, leaning into the comfortable chair I've been seated in. This is really bad. I fell asleep in Morelli's office. And he has to walk Beau out in that freezing cold weather.

Maybe not freezing, but it's enough to freeze my balls off. Huddling with the incredibly warm jacket, I wait out for him to come back.


Fuck, my neck hurts. I pry my eyes open, only to shut them right after because of the bright sunlight shining at me. I fell asleep, again.

There's a window in here? I rub my eyes, hoping to get rid of the sharp pain while a deep voice floods my eardrums.

"Rise and shine." Almost flinching from the unexpected sound, I look at the man sitting behind the desk, bug-eyed. Oh my god, he looks like an angel sent from Heaven with the sun shining on his back. Except for the same all black suit he was wearing last night, minus the jacket that is currently laid across my knees.

I palm both of my hands to my face, and groan. Why am I still here? I peek through my hands to see if he's still there, and unfortunately, he is. His hair looks the slightest bit messy, it doesn't have the gel that he puts in it every morning.

He pushes my bag towards me and I squint. Until I realized that I had left it at his house.

"Your car's here, too. Drove it here last night."

I tilt my head, observing him, "Did you stay here overnight?"

He shrugs, "I couldn't leave you here alone. You might've vandalized the place."

"Smart choice." I nod, letting my legs fall and I stretch them out. "I would've spray painted a huge dick on that wall." Pointing to the spot behind me with my thumb, towards the blank wall which could perfectly fit two canvases.

"Mhm, I wouldn't doubt it." He nods, and continues typing on his computer. Seriously, does he ever stop working? I frown at the quiet in the room, glancing around for a large yellow retriever.

I glare at Morelli, "Where the hell is my dog?"

He doesn't flinch at my voice like I did with his, "Don't worry, he's outside with the team."

The tension releases from my shoulders and I abruptly stand up, needing to stretch. I make sure to grab his jacket so it doesn't fall to the ground.

"If you don't mind," I put on the jacket, it is a little chilly. It looks a little... large, but that's the new style. Just like a trenchcoat. "I have some errands to run. I'll see you later, Morelli."

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