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Me and Gaia arrived in front of the gate of the underworld, I was in a state of uneasiness and fear when we were teleporting there and I seem to be right because the very gate of the underworld was in shambles

Gaia then changed her body to look more godly, we continued to enter and I was fearing the worst, we rushed to my castle as fast as we could

I was worried that Uranus might have done something to my family, shit, I was too careless, I should have calculated this variable

In greek mythology, they didn't point out if Uranus was killed or not since it was only said that he was castrated, I should have accounted for this, I just pray to the Overseer that my family is ok

As we were passing through hell, I saw the state of the surroundings which was destroyed more than it already was, as for the inhabitants, there are dead bodies and injured demons as far as the eye could see

I was getting more and more worried every second

We finally arrived at my castle and I ran and opened the door of every room trying to check if my wives and children were still hurt and hoped that they were ok

I went to the informary room and there I saw the horrible sight that I wished I would never see, my wives all laying on a bed, unconscious, with bandages wrapped on their what I am assuming are wounds, with medics taking care of them

I fell on my knees and looked to the ground in despair, I kept apologizing to them repeatingly in my head with tears bursting from my eyes

After that, I stood up and asked one of the aides what happened when I was away

"U-um, last month ago, there were loads of strong monsters storming in the underworld, we couldn't handle it due to us being overwhelmed by the number of monsters" she answered

"Tell me, what power do these monsters have?" I asked her

"I-I don't know, b-but I think they have h-holy energy radiating from th-their bodies Lord Hades" the aide stuttered probably due to the killing intent I was exuding from my body due to the sorrow and rage I feel right now

"Then what about my daughters?" I asked her

"Lady Hephaestus is currently leading an army to fight the remaining monsters" she answered

"Why didn't you ask for help from the others?" I asked her

"B-because it all happened so quick, and the monsters flooded the gate which was the only exit from the underworld so we could not ask" she said

"What about my subordinates?" I asked her

Thanatos, Raven, the three Furies and my creations should be able to have a communication item built by Hephaestus

"It was lost when the Ladies of the kingdom decided to join the battle" she answered

(Ladies of the Kingdom: Wives of the King of the kingdom Hell which is Hades)

I sent her off and decided to call the others first, I used the communication device I still had with me that was made by Hephaestus, I called all my subordinates into the palace and they all said that they would come

If my creations didn't come here then that means there is nothing wrong with the other god's kingdoms and territories they rule in

Uranus is a good strategist, he planned on defeating the strongest force that he may battle which is me, we are also the easiest to target since we cannot ask for help if the enemy blocks the exit

Just then, my subordinates arrived in my throne room and kneeled in front of the throne even though I was not there

I teleported to my throne and sat

"Wukong" I said in my deep and commanding voice

"Yes" He said as he stood straight

"Go to the other territories and inform them that there is a great threat coming to them" I commanded

"By your will my lord, it shall be done" He said as he bowed and was about to leave when I stopped him

"Yes my lord?" He asked

"Use these" I said as I threw a cloak and a token towards at the monkey

"What are these my lord?" He asked as he inspected the items

"That is an invisibility cloak, it will conceal you and make you unseen even with the eyes of heaven" I said while I pointed to the cloak

"And that, is my royal crest, it is to prove to the others that what you will me saying is no joke" I said

Royal crests are symbols of a god that rules over a territory, if it is presented to another god then that means there is a great catastrophe coming that affects the recipient god's kingdom too

Honestly, my territory can already be considered an empire along with Poseidon's, Zeus doesn't have one since he rules in heaven, which only gods can enter

"Hephaestus" I said

She stood up and said "Yes"

"What happened to your two sisters?" I asked her

She seemed hesitant to say because she was gripping her hand into fists, I must know because those two are my children

"Th-they..." She stuttered

"Yes?" I asked

"They were t-taken by th-the enemy" she said, I was further enraged by this and released all of my divine, cosmic aura with killing intent that spread to the whole world

I screamed at the fury and rage I feel and the desire to kill that fucking bitch Uranus

I promise to you Uranus, I will rip you limb from limb and torture you until you ask for death of your own accord, if anything happens to those two, I shall make you suffer for all eternity while humiliating you in the process

Unbeknownst to me, I was slowly moving my lips upwards forming a devilishly sadistic smile that could make even the bravest gods cower and fear at the sight

I then stood up and ordered Lucifer who was heavily injured to rest, I then made my way to where the soldiers were being treated, they didn't know I was there because I dressed up as a medic

I looked at all the people, from women to elderly to children, no one was spared, the remaining demons were scared and traumatized

After looking at the grief and agony of my people, I then teleported to the air and activated my magic which I got from Isis, a grand magic that sucks up 1/4 of my energy called Miracle

Fortunately, all the demons and devils were there including the dead bodies, the bodies were piled up though

Miracle makes all who the user wishes to be fully healed, this only applies to still living beings but I combined it with my divinity of time to rewind the bodies of the dead to when they were only barely dead, after that, they were all healed and revived

Unfortunately though, I used up all my energy and I fell to the ground rapidly, after I crashed, I blacked out

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